WeChat Shake Function Will Pull Your Customers Closer

TMO GroupMarch 15, 2016
WeChat Shake Function Will Pull Your Customers Closer

Just Shake it!

Have you ever tried the “Shake” feature on WeChat? Before, “Shake” is an interesting way to discover new users and corporate accounts with just a few shakes of your smartphone. Since 2015, the “Shake” feature is heading in a new direction: by shaking via WeChat, offline retail businesses can interact with mobile users nearby and achieve O2O integration.



This new function comes with the technology called “iBeacon.” More exactly, by adopting iBeacon, offline businesses can deliver customers coupons, discounts, and membership cards all within the WeChat platform. Today, we will explain the basics of iBeacon technology and how to improve your WeChat O2O model with iBeacon, especially in China market.


What is iBeacon?


iBeacon is Apple’s implementation of Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology to create a different way of providing location-based information and services to iPhones and other iOS devices.

With an iBeacon and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology, WeChat will receive a unique identifier sent by the iBeacon, and then the location of this mobile device would be recognized. Hypothetically, if you walk through a retail store, your phone can automatically receive new products or sales from this very store.


iBeacon + WeChat: How does it work?

LBS (location-based service) will play an important role in iBeacon adoption. It will work as simply 2-step:

1. WeChat users enter the “Shake –nearby” function and turn on Bluetooth. By shaking their phones, iBeacon will access location data.

2. Nearby offline stores customize promotion messages that will appear on users’ WeChat. It could be coupons, discounts or else.

In general, iBeacon on WeChat provides offline merchants with another way to connect with WeChat users, especially when they are geographically around. As a shopper, if you are wandering around in a shopping area, your WeChat will automatically receive promotional messages from offline stores nearby via the "Shake" function on WeChat.


Example: Papa John’s Pizza in Beijing

Being one of the most recognized Pizza brands worldwide, Papa John has stepped up their WeChat O2O strategy: to offer customers better experiences offline and online through the WeChat Shake function.


  1. As explained earlier, customers nearby will receive coupons when Bluetooth and WeChat “Shake – nearby” is turned on.
  2. When clicked on the coupon, a 30% discount coupon will appear on the user’s phone. Moreover, details like validation date, nearest restaurant location, Papa John’s WeChat public account will also be featured.
  3. There are more: the page can also direct users to Papa John Beijing’s homepage, which they can learn more about restaurant info, new items, and everything else. PaPa John can gain more digital exposure via WeChat and Shake functions.



The WeChat iBeacon integration is win-win for both consumers and retailers. Customers will redeem the coupons and get the product at a lower price; Retailers can upgrade brand image and attract more customers.

The truth is: WeChat "Shake" function can do more than just coupon delivering, and it can certainly help offline businesses in various ways. Stay tuned, and we will reveal more benefits WeChat "Shake" function can bring to your offline business.


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