Cosmetics Industry Report 2020: An In-Depth Look at the Chinese Market

TMO GroupOctober 15, 2020
Cosmetics Industry Report 2020: An In-Depth Look at the Chinese Market

This week marks the launch of TMO's Cosmetics Industry Report. Earlier this year saw the success of our Health Supplements Industry Report (and the subsequent monthly Data Pack series!). Now, we've turned our attentions to another hot industry on the rise in China.

This report not only contains data from trusted sources and prominent research organizations. As with our previous report, we also did our own first-hand investigations on China's leading eCommerce platforms. Our Cosmetics Industry Report is available to download right now.

A Wealth of Data

Throughout the free report's 70 pages, we present a wealth of data from numerous sources. We filled our report with charts, tables, and graphs, to present you with all the relevant facts. While not exhaustive, our data should enable overseas companies to get a feel for the state of the industry today.

As part of our research, we didn't just stop at talking to industry insiders or obtaining data from trusted providers such as Statista. We went a step further, by investigating sales data and search results on leading eCommerce platforms. Our focus was on Alibaba's Taobao and Tmall Global, as respective examples of domestic and cross-border platforms.

China Cosmetics Industry Report

Background, Analysis, and Guidance

Our guide covers a range of important topics any Cosmetics brand considering Chinese market entry needs to consider. This includes a deep dive into the ever-changing and multi-faceted Chinese consumer demographics. In that chapter, we take a look at how these shoppers have changed in recent years, the ways they prefer to buy cosmetics, and how they see foreign brands - and much more besides!

Additionally, we take a look at specific brand case studies to see how well the competition are doing, and how they got to that point. Beyond this, we also explore the available entry strategies and methods companies can use to enter the Chinese market as a local legal entity or from abroad via cross-border eCommerce.

Of course, no two companies are the same, and a personalized strategy can offer a lot more - if you're interested in putting together a unique market entry strategy tailored to your company's particulars, contact us about our consulting services.

If you'd rather start with the more general introduction provided by our industry report, then what are you waiting for? Grab your free copy today!

China Cosmetics Industry Report

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