New Products Trends from Leading Direct Sales Companies in China

TMO GroupAugust 17, 2023
New Products Trends from Leading Direct Sales Companies in China

In 2022,  China's health product market reached 334 billion yuan, with average per capita consumption reaching $37.2 USD. This makes China rank 51st globally. However, sales channels for health product has varied a lot in recent years. The proportion of direct sales has decreased from 28.9% five years ago to 17%. In light of this, how can direct selling companies adapt to digitized consumer behavior, and keep their market share?

Direct selling companies in China introduced nearly 400 new products In 2022. The younger generation's demand has become more diverse, they look for not only good taste but also trendy packaging and strong functionality. In this article, we will list the new products from hot categories in China's direct-selling market last year.

Bone and Joint Health

Bone and joint health have become a hot category in the functional food sector. The corresponding calcium/calcium-iron-zinc/calcium-magnesium categories are among the TOP 10 health product categories on Taobao&Tmall. This category normally focuses on the elderly population, and it still holds significant potential due to the intensifying trend of aging.


Composite health foods containing calcium&vitamins have emerged as important innovations in this category. San Sheng's"Vitality Milk Calcium Golden Calcium Tablets (Sugar-free)" was introduced, with the "sugar-free" option to reach a wider customer base. Under "Li Mai Jian" from Infinitus, a new set named "Caring for Joints" has been launched, featuring "Li Mai Jian Cartilage Extract Tablets" and "Li Mai Jian Calcium Zinc Vitamin D Tablets." Additionally, Shang He introduced the "Shang He Non-Mutant Type II Collagen Nutrient Powder" containing active collagen with a triple-helix structure.

china direct selling Bone and Joint Health

Digestive Health

Due to modern lifestyles and increased stress, people are looking for ways to improve their digestive health. Probiotics are becoming popular for helping with digestion and boosting the immune system. Companies that sell products directly to consumers are also catching onto this trend by offering a variety of products, like herbal remedies, probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics. These products are designed to focus specifically on digestive health.

BioCare has introduced the "BioCare Elm Tree Stomach Nourishing Capsules," which include a mix of plant-based ingredients. Anran has launched the "Zhonghe Algae Polysaccharide Hericium Erinaceus Plant Beverage," combining herbs and probiotics. Herbalife has come out with the "XS Nutritional Drink Lactic Acid Bacteria Flavor." Nature's Sunshine offers the "Plum Postbiotic Drink," which contains postbiotics, prebiotics, dietary fiber, and the traditional Five Nut Soup formula. Perfect has released the new product "Perfect (Upgraded Version) Lifelong Sugar," containing oligofructose for a healthier sugar intake.


china direct selling Gastrointestinal Health

Weight Management

The younger generation has evolving demands for weight management products. They prefer more convenient, healthy, and flavorful options.

New products in this category are mostly nutritional meal replacements and dietary supplements USANA introduces the "USANA Whey Protein Bars," compact and convenient with different flavors. Infinitus launched a new Chinese-style weight management brand, "Le Zi Le Yan" featuring new products like "Xingmei High Protein Cereal Bar" and "Xingmei Probiotics Solid Drink". Nature's Sunshine introduced the "Chinese Herbal Poria Cocos Tea Solid Beverage," whose main ingredients are Pu-erh tea powder and Poria cocos powder.

china direct selling Weight Management

Eye Health

In recent years, the high use of electronic devices and poor eye habits have led to an increasing number of children and adolescents with myopia, leading to a myopia rate of 53.6%. Moreover, the aging population has contributed to a rise in visual impairment cases.

In response to this trend, "38 Fule Eye Care" introduced its first product, the "Blueberry Lutein Esters and Cubilose Peptide Drink." San Sheng Shikang entered the eye health market with its "Vision for a Century" brand, launching the "Vision for Century Fresh Set". They followed with the product "Lutein Esters Peptide Milk Solid Beverage" which was developed with technical support from the China Food Fermentation Research Institute and contains lutein esters extracted from marigold flowers.

china direct selling Eye Health products

Snack-style Health Foods

Health products are now taking on a snack-like form to meet the diverse demands of health-conscious customers.

Infinitus launched a new brand called "You Quan Jia" with products like "You Quan Jia Vitamin C Lozenges" and "You Quan Jia Vitamin E Gummies," for vitamin supplementation. Additionally, Infinitus released convenient health products like"Konjac Meal Replacement Porridge" and "Qing Yi Yang Freeze-Dried Tremella Soup". USANA also introduced the popular "Acerola Cherry Vitamin C Gummies," which performed very well among similar products on e-commerce platforms. Furthermore, Anran(安然) launched the "Deer Blood Oyster Peptide Ginseng Lozenges."

Moreover, portable packaging has become more popular in the health product market. Tong Ren Tang introduced its new product line "Healthy Honey Family", including "Honey Locust Honey Peach Bars," "Lychee Honey Bars," and "Little Honey Bars." As a renowned Chinese traditional medicine brand, Tong Ren Tang has a great sales record on e-commerce platforms, with data from June 2023 showing over 100 million yuan in sales within 30 days.

china direct selling Snack-style Health Foods

Chinese Herbal Health Foods

As the demand for instantly consumable Chinese tonic products grows among young people, companies are innovating in response.

After fourteen years of research, San Sheng introduced the "Yufangtang Cistanche and Epimedium Cornelian Cherry Oral Liquid," focusing on balanced nourishment. Furthermore, Infinitus introduced the co-branded "Zeng Jian Oral Liquid" with the TV program "Shine, China!". Sanchu Fu Er launched the "Fermented Wolfberry and Jujube Oral Liquid," using high-quality wolfberries and jujubes.

Additionally, solid beverages, capsules, and wines are also popular forms for new Chinese herbal products. New Era introduced the "Wei Shu Pine Flower Hericium Erinaceus Solid Beverage," based on an ancient formula. Zhi Zhong He launched a "Sugar-free" wine series, based on the idea of "food and medicine sharing the same origin." An Hui introduced a Ganoderma lucidum and Hericium erinaceus wine, blending six ingredients.

china direct selling

Women's Health

The women's health industry is a market worth billions. Direct-selling brands are actively entering this market, aiming to attract new customers with safe and healthy products.

Women's personal care has become a key focus area for brands. San Sheng launched its new brand "Shi Ba Gong," introducing Shi Ba Gong Intimate Area Antibacterial Lotion(Spray version)" "Shi Ba Gong Moisturizing Antibacterial Gel," and "Shi Ba Gong Nourishing Antibacterial Gel." Yu Hang Ren launched the "Jian Kang Mei Magnetic Activated Oxygen Sanitary Pad(Extended Night Version)"; Suzhou Green Leaf introduced the "Love Life Silk Protein Peptide Sanitary Pad." 38 Fule Women's Care innovatively developed the "NMN Women's Care Gel," derived from NMN, which offer inspiration for the intimate care industry and the application of NMN.

china direct selling Chinese Herbal Health Foods

Makeup Products

Makeup products have also become a hot category for new launches. New lip makeup products have seized attention, particularly around the Spring Festival time. Oriflame introduced the "Lisha Velvet Mist Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick," offering many shades like maple cherry and hot chili. An Hui launched the "Ningzhi Colorful Radiant Lipstick Gift Box". Rong Ge introduced the "Kailael Velvet Gold Lipstick (New Year Limited Edition)." Kang Ting's "Mini Tube" lipstick series, offers seven shades including Minghui and Mei Yun. Bao Jianalso released the "Bao Jian Color-Changing Lip Balm".

Furthermore, Kang Ting released the "Jia Ke Lan Moisturizing Cleansing Balm" and the "Jia Ke Lan Mist Long-Lasting Eyebrow Pencil." Perfect launched the "Water Radiance Nude Makeup Set," with toner and cushion cream.

china direct selling Makeup Products

Skincare Products

Direct selling companies have focused on skincare products as a major category for new releases, taking advantage of growing skincare awareness. New products are often launched during seasonal transitions, like spring and summer, when the sun's intensity increases. Functional skincare products gain attention during these times.

In 2022, Oriflame introduced the "You Cui Jia Yan+ Brightening Sunscreen Gel" for travel scenarios, and the "Natural Love Moisturizing Mask" for scenarios like staying up late. To enhance sun protection, Infinitus' Cui Ya line launched the "Little White Shield," offering comprehensive UV protection. Amway's brand Artistry introduced 13 new products, known as the "Hong Bang Qi Ya Series" For dry autumn and winter weather, many companies launched products suited to seasonal conditions. New Era upgraded its offerings with the "Xiang Lan Ge Lan Cui Moisturizing Lotion," containing extracts like dendrobium. Yu Hang Ren introduced  "Yi Bei Zi Sea Buckthorn Peptide Youth Locking Liquid," with sea buckthorn fruit extracts. Moreover, several skincare products targeting anti-aging for women were launched. Yi Lian introduced the "Hyaluronic Acid Radiant Brightening Mask" and the "Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydrating Mist Spray".

china direct selling Skincare Products

Home Essentials

In 2022, new products tailored for home settings are also worth noting. Bao Jian introduced an "Upgraded Latex Series" of products, providing consumers with a more comfortable winter sleep experience. An Ran launched the "Nayi Antibacterial and Dust Mite-Proof Summer Quilt". Melaleuca introduced the "REVIVE Fabric Care Spray," aiming at easy care for hard-to-clean clothes. Shang He introduced the "Rui Nuo Si Oral Freshening Spray," convenient for on-the-go use. Tong Ren Tang's "Yuehu Xi KN95 Mask", available in 7 trendy colors to match different outfits. Perfect also introduced their new "De Lie Bao Non-Stick Pan".

Home Essentials

Direct selling new products in 2022 showcased breakthroughs and innovations for better quality and function. With companies continually intensifying their research and development, we believe there will be more exciting products in the future.

TMO Group provides legal compliance-oriented digital solutions for the health supplement direct selling industry, including but not limited to registration mechanisms, CRM, commission settlements, offline store solutions, and new retail. If your brand has relevant needs, please feel free to contact us!



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