10 Outstanding B2B Magento/Adobe Commerce Sites

TMO GroupAugust 7, 2023
10 Outstanding B2B Magento/Adobe Commerce Sites

Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) stands out as a leading eCommerce development solution worldwide and is consistently ranked as the top B2B eCommerce development framework by Forrester. Adobe Commerce is renowned for its powerful and also facilitates efficient distributor management and offers robust multi-vendor marketplace capabilities, delivering exceptional user journeys for both enterprises and distributors.

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In this article, TMO presents 10 outstanding examples of western B2B eCommerce websites built with Magento/Adobe Commerce! We delve into their feature sets and UI/UX characteristics, hoping they inspire your business in its journey toward international expansion and digital transformation!

*Average monthly traffic data is sourced from SimilarWeb, covering January to March 2023.

1. Tractorpartsasap

(Magento 2- B2B Self-Operated Platform)

Monthly traffic: About 260,000

Tractor-Parts-ASAP is a US-based supplier of agricultural machinery parts and accessories. Their B2B eCommerce website is built on Magento 2 and operates as a B2B self-operated platform. They manage images, sales, pricing, order fulfillment, and returns in-house.

Tractor-Parts-ASAP is a US-based supplier of agricultural machinery parts and accessories. Their B2B eCommerce website is built on Magento 2 and operates as a B2B self-operated platform. They manage images, sales, pricing, order fulfillment, and returns in-house.

B2B eCommerce Features:

  • Registration and Login: For B2B customers to create enterprise accounts and manage order records.
  • Company Account: B2B customers can set up corporate structures and implement approval workflows.
  • Purchase Requisitions: Submission of specific product procurement requests.
  • Quick Order: Place orders by directly submitting lists of SKUs.
  • Order Management: Track order statuses, view order history, and access invoices.
  • Payment and Logistics Management: Supports various payment methods and integrates multiple logistics services such as UPS, FedEx, etc.

UI/UX Features:

  • Multi-level Filtering: Based on "Machine Type," "Manufacturer," "Product Model," and other dimensions, facilitating precise product navigation.
  • 360-degree Product Showcase: Efficiently displays detailed product visuals.
  • Accessibility: Provides comprehensive accessibility features, enabling users with visual, auditory, and motor impairments to access the website more conveniently.
  • Detailed Offline Store Information: Presents a list of specific agricultural machinery product models each store carries, facilitating on-site visits for users.

2. Carrier Enterprise

(Magento - B2B Self-Operated Platform)

Carrier Enterprise (Magento - B2B Self-Operated Platform)

Monthly traffic: About 240,000

Carrier Enterprise is a US-based company that provides sales and distribution for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment. They have established a B2B self-operated website using Magento, enabling the brand to have more control over product quality, after-sales service, and customer experience.

B2B eCommerce Features:

  • Corporate Account Functionality: Corporate customers can view order history, track shipments, and manage their bills.
  • Personalized Pricing: Offers customized pricing based on B2B customer needs and purchasing history.
  • Request for Quote: Customers can request quotes which will be reviewed and approved by the company's sales team.
  • Catalog Management: The website's catalog includes detailed product descriptions, images, and pricing information, easily managed and updated by the company's team.
  • Quick Equipment Part Matching: Users can input part numbers in the search section, and the website will return compatible matching items.

UI/UX Features:

  • Product Wishlist: North American users are accustomed to using the "wishlist" feature. Highlighting this wishlist functionality in the navigation bar helps simplify the purchasing process for users.
  • Warranty Status Lookup: Enables customers to quickly access product warranty information.
  • Professional Video Resources: Carrier Enterprise showcases videos of employees operating equipment on social media platforms like YouTube, enhancing user engagement.
  • Customer Logo Wall: B2B purchases more complex decision-making processes. Displaying a prominent customer logo section helps establish trust for new users.

3. Performance Health

(Magento 2 - B2B Distribution Platform)

 Performance Health(Magento 2 - B2B Distribution Platform)

Monthly traffic: About 240,000

Performance Health is a US-based company that offers sales and distribution of various brands for health and medical equipment, rehabilitation products and other health-related items. Their B2B eCommerce website also serves as a distribution platform, allowing qualified organizations to create distributor accounts, purchase goods from the platform, and resell them to end customers.

The website provides multiple country-specific sites for the UK, US, France, Australia, etc., each with localized language settings, page design, and content.

B2B eCommerce Features:

  • Product List Upload and Quick Ordering: Users can upload CSV product lists, supporting one-click updates to existing lists. Users can also input SKU numbers directly to add products to the shopping cart.
  • Company and Individual Accounts: Companies need to submit and verify their company information to use B2B features, while individual users can quickly register and log in.
  • Request for Physical Product Catalog: Companies can request free physical product catalogs on behalf of their organizations.
  • Online Customer Service: An online chat box offers three types of inquiry entrance: products, accounts, and general inquiries.
  • Product Ratings and Reviews: User comments and ratings will be displayed on the product pages.
  • Product Categorization and Filtering: Products are categorized by type or brand, and sorting options are available based on arm type, capacity, etc.

UI/UX Features:

  • Use of Medical-Related Blue as the Main Color: Blue is commonly associated with trust, reliability, and high professionalism. This color choice creates consistency and relevance with the medical and health-related products sold.
  • Abundant Images with Human-Product Interaction: Evoking user interest and emotional resonance.
  • Multi-dimensional Product Details Display: Product detail pages use a simple and clear layout. For specific medical products, the focus is on their UNSPSC codes (United Nations Standard Products and Services Code), providing global identification and traceability for the products.

4. Swedol

(Magento 2 - B2B Self-Operated Platform)

4. Swedol (Magento 2 - B2B Self-Operated Platform)

Monthly traffic: About 160,000

Swedol is a Sweden-based retailer specializing in various products such as tools, machinery, automotive supplies, personal protective equipment and more. The Swedol website operates as a B2C/B2B platform, following a self-operated model, which means the website manages and owns its product inventory.

B2B eCommerce Features:

  • Personalized Pricing and Display: After users log in, they can view personalized contract quotes and product pricing.
  • User-friendly Navigation and Product Categorization/Filtering: Clear and comprehensive service and product categorization guide, along with convenient filtering options.
  • Shopping Cart: Administrators can automatically apply specific discounts or promotions when customers add items to their shopping carts.
  • Invoice Management: Supports customers in downloading and managing their purchased invoice information.

UI/UX Features:

  • Display of European/Swedish Payment and eCommerce Certification Icons: The homepage showcases "Klarna" - Europe's largest overseas local payment method, as well as "TRYGG E-HANDEL" - the Swedish eCommerce certification mark, enhancing the trustworthiness and credibility of the website.
  • Brand Theme Colors Corresponding to Safety Warning Tape Patterns: The banner image border on the homepage uses brand colors of yellow-green and black, cleverly evoking associations with safety warning tape, aligning with the product theme.
  • Live Streaming Services: Help users gain a more intuitive understanding of products and services.

5. Working Person’s Enterprise

(Magento 2 - B2B Self-Operated Platform)

5. Working Person’s Enterprise (Magento 2 - B2B Self-Operated Platform)

Monthly traffic: About 140,000

Working Person's Enterprises is headquartered in Indiana, USA, and is a professional retailer of workwear and safety footwear. They also provide B2B services to cater to the bulk purchasing needs of businesses and organizations. The website offers products from numerous brands and operates as a self-operated platform, with responsibilities ranging from inventory management to order fulfillment handled by the website's operators.

B2B eCommerce Features:

  • Quick Login: Supports fast login using Amazon accounts.
  • RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization): When customers need to return purchased products, they must request an RMA number or authorization from the seller for identification and processing.
  • Gift Cards and Store Credit: When users redeem gift cards, the receive store credit, allowing them to pay for other orders with it.
  • Product Comparison: Users can select multiple items for side-by-side comparison, facilitating quick decision-making.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Support Credit card payments such as Visa, Discover, online payments through Amazon Pay, and installment payments through Affirm.
  • Brand Module: Allows convenient management of products from multiple brands by operators.

UI/UX Features:

  • Low-Saturation and Rough Texture Images: The website's homepage features low-saturation images with added texture, conveying a sense of stability, practicality, and professionalism.
  • Powerful Layout Design: The website employs rectangular elements such as images, color blocks, and buttons to create a powerful and concise page design.
  • Multi-dimensional Product Catalog Navigation: The product catalog navigation includes a "Safety" dimension, catering to the needs of the website's audience.

6. Lecot

(Magento 2 - B2B International Framework)

6. Lecot(Magento 2 - B2B International Framework)

Monthly traffic: About 120,000

Lecot is a Belgium-based supplier of industrial products and tools, offering B2B clients a wide range of industrial supplies, safety equipment, warehousing, and logistics solutions. Additionally, the website employs an internationalized framework, providing both Belgian and Dutch sites with corresponding language support. The visual elements, such as the homepage banners, have also been adapted to suit different sites.

B2B eCommerce Features:

  • Omni-Channel Sales: Customers can purchase from any of the 65 Lecot branches across Belgium or place online orders by scanning barcodes.
  • Multi-Site, Multi-Language Management: The website provides both Belgian and Dutch sites with language options in Dutch and French.
  • Product Management: The website offers a diverse range of product categories and collaborates with various renowned brands. Utilizing Magento 2, the site provides convenient and detailed product categorization, tags, and filtering options.
  • Inventory Management: Lecot offers over 40,000 stock items and 100,000 ordered items, efficiently managed through Magento 2.
  • Purchase Requisition and Online Ordering: Customers can request quotes for their customized needs or directly place orders on the website.

UI/UX Features:

  • Use of Colors for a Distinct Belgian Flair: The design of the Belgian site incorporates a combination of red, yellow, and black, aligning with the colors of the Belgian flag, and creating a stronger emotional connection with local users.
  • Support for Local Payment Methods: Lecot supports Bancontact, the most popular and trusted payment method in Belgium, displaying its logo in the footer.
  • Recent Pricing Information: The addition of a "Recent Pricing Information" page helps enterprise users quickly grasp the latest market pricing trends.
  • Bulk Ordering: Support bulk ordering for multiple models, making it convenient for large-quantity purchases.

7. Transcat

(Magento 2 - B2B Self-Operated Platform)

7. Transcat(Magento 2 - B2B Self-Operated Platform)

Monthly traffic: About 80,000

Transcat is a US-based company that provides measurement equipment, calibration, and validation services. Its clientele includes professional customers from industries such as industrial, manufacturing, utilities, healthcare, and more. Transcat has built an eCommerce platform using Magento 2, focusing on selling its own products and services.

B2B eCommerce Features:

  • Personalized Pricing: After logging in, users can view exclusive member pricing.
  • Quote Management: Users can efficiently manage received quotes on their account page for further price negotiations.
  • Integration with Multiple Logistics Options: Users can choose from different options provided by UPS and FedEx, or choose partial shipments.
  • Quick Subscription: Users can quickly subscribe to products and set reminders for promotions.

UI/UX Features:

  • Accessory Selection Popup: When users click the "Add to Cart" button, a popup window with related accessory products appears, boosting conversion rates.
  • Functional Buttons on Product Detail Page: Buttons such as "Add to Negotiation List," "Product Specification Comparison," and "Print Product Page," cater to the needs of B2B customers.
  • Industry Information Resources: Offers "Industry Whitepapers" and "Webinars" to enhance customer trust and loyalty towards the company.
  • Multi-dimensional Filters: The product listing page provides filters including thermal sensitivity and infrared resolution, helping B2B customers to find products that meet their specific requirements.

8. Cakesupplies

(Magento - B2B International Framework)

(Magento - B2B International Framework)

Monthly traffic: About 60,000

CakeSupplies is a Dutch company, and its website is a B2B eCommerce platform dedicated to selling pastry and confectionery supplies. It adopts an internationalized framework, providing options for multiple languages and currencies, including English, French, and Dutch.

The website offers various features such as account management, bulk ordering, quick reordering, shipment tracking, multiple shipping options, and customer support. Additionally, specialized sections for new products and promotions enable users to quickly find featured products and avail themselves of more discounts.

UI/UX Features:

  • Personalized Product Catalog Categorization: Adding a new category "Special Dietary Habits" to the product catalog filters, including“Gluten-Free Products," "Halal Food," and "Kosher Food." cater to the diverse dietary habits prevalent in the European market.
  • Multiple Layout Modes for Listing Pages: Enable users to efficiently browse through the product catalog based on their specific preferences.
  • Customized User Registration Page: To cater to B2B customers, the user registration page includes fields like"Company Type," "Business Objectives," and "Affiliated Business Associations." This allows for more effective screening of buyers.

9. Theparkcatalog

(Magento - B2B Self-Operated Platform)

9. Theparkcatalog(Magento - B2B Self-Operated Platform)

Monthly traffic: About 50,000

This website is operated by a US-based company and primarily caters to public institutions, schools, hospitals, corporations, and other organizations. It specializes in selling outdoor park facilities such as park benches, bicycle racks. The website is built on Magento, serving as a B2B self-operated platform, offering a diverse range of products.

Customers can explore various outdoor park facilities through a detailed product catalog. For large-scale or customized projects, customers can contact the sales team and receive personalized quotations. With account functionalities, users can manage their orders, addresses, and billing agreements with the platform, utilizing credit terms for periodic payments. Furthermore, the website offers rich blog and video modules, and it is integrated with various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

UI/UX Features:

  • Print Functionality Button: "Print" button on the product details page to facilitate offline viewing. This is especially useful for outdoor facilities where products have numerous categories, models, and intricate details.
  • Technical and After-Sales Material Support: Provide downloadables such as "Product Installation Guides" and "Product Warranty Forms". This ensures customers have all the necessary resources for technical support and after-sales assistance.

10. Honeywell Aerospace

(Magento 2 - B2B Multi-vendor Platform)

10. Honeywell Aerospace(Magento 2 - B2B Multi-vendor Platform)

GoDirect Trade is a global B2B multi-vendor platform launched by Honeywell Aerospace, allowing third-party companies to set up their own storefronts for sales. It is a digital marketplace that brings buyers and sellers in the Aerospace industry together to simplify their experience of buying and selling aerospace parts.

Corporate users can utilize the platform's B2B e-commerce features for negotiation, managing quotations, and accessing technical support. They can also apply to become sellers and sell products to the global market. The website offers products including aircraft components, tools, and equipment. Additionally, the platform provides various trade tools and services such as online negotiation and international logistics to help businesses reduce transaction costs.

UI/UX Features:

  • "TrustTrace" Service: Customers can directly track product information using the "Part Number" or "Serial Number".
  • Tabular Product Listing: The website presents a well-organized table format for product listings, making it easier for B2B users to filter and compare products.
  • New User Guide: Tailored new user guides are available, featuring concise illustrations and clear descriptions to help users quickly understand the website's functionalities.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. TMO is an Adobe-certified solution partner, providing professional Adobe Commerce (Magento) implementation services with rich experience in local projects. If you have e-commerce platform development needs or want to learn about our services, please feel free to contact us!

Our successful cases include:

  • Feidekai: Custom B2B2C “new retail” eCommerce platform
  • Henry Schein: B2B eCommerce platform for the world’s largest distributor of dental equipment and supplies.
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