Adobe Commerce Certifications: What to look for when choosing a Partner Agency

TMO GroupApril 25, 2024
Adobe Commerce Certifications: What to look for when choosing a Partner Agency

When it comes to eCommerce platforms for enterprise, Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) is the leading platform, powering numerous online stores around the world. Being such a powerful and highly customizable eCommerce solution, it is only natural that businesses seek to validate the proficiency of any support team before venturing into a migration, development, maintenance, or any optimization project for their Adobe Commerce-based store.

Thankfully, Adobe offers a pretty comprehensive mechanism for partner agencies to prove their qualifications in not only Adobe Commerce but most of the company’s solutions for the enterprise. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of the different types of certifications that the best Magento agencies can obtain.

TMO Group is a certified Adobe Solution Partner with rich experience in Adobe Commerce Services including custom development for both B2B and B2C, cross-border eCommerce, and other implementation projects.

Adobe Solution Partner Program

Adobe’s Solution Partner Program is an ecosystem of service and consulting firms that have been certified in providing professional solutions for the Adobe Experience Cloud suite of products. Solution Partners also get access to training and support from Adobe to ensure they can deliver successful projects for their clients. There are five different levels to the program, each with different fees, requirements, and benefits: Community, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

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Especially when it comes to custom eCommerce solutions for enterprises, every Adobe Commerce project has different goals and needs, and working with a certified partner agency can ensure the team has the proper expertise to smoothly handle the implementation of a project according to Adobe Commerce (Magento) code standards, thus ensuring:

  • Architectural decisions for integrating, migrating, or developing are in line with the business’s current and scalability needs.
  • A secure and compliant implementation, as well as fewer errors and compatibility in scenarios such as platform upgrades, according to Adobe’s best practices.
  • Timely delivery of projects and faster troubleshooting of Adobe Commerce’s components.
  • Advanced knowledge of functionalities and customization possibilities for optimal custom eCommerce feature development.

Adobe Commerce Certified: Professional, Expert, & Master

Adobe’s Certifications are a series of paid practical tests for the Adobe Experience Cloud that validate the experience of specialists from various roles in the use of Adobe’s solutions and must be renewed every two years to ensure professionals are up to date with the tools.

These certifications are divided into 4 groups according to the level of experience and go from Qualified (in some products) to Professional, Expert, and Master. As for the eCommerce solution, a team of certified Adobe Commerce developers and project managers will have a deep understanding of the platform’s architecture, best practices, and core functionalities—the skills and knowledge required to build, customize, and maintain Adobe Commerc-based eCommerce websites effectively and efficiently.

Adobe Commerce (Magento) currently has 7 official certifications available, out of which we can distinguish two main directions: for Business or Development-oriented roles.

a) Certifications for Business-oriented Roles

1. Adobe Commerce (Magento) Business Practitioner Professional
2. Adobe Commerce (Magento) Business Practitioner Expert

Adobe-certified Business specialists have a deep understanding of eCommerce business needs and can effectively translate business needs into Adobe Commerce solutions that are consistent with organizational goals, therefore optimizing business processes and driving revenue growth. In addition, Adobe-certified Business specialists are skilled in stakeholder communication and management, ensuring alignment among business stakeholders, technical teams, and executives throughout the project lifecycle. They also have project management expertise and the ability to identify business optimization opportunities.

b) Certifications for Development-oriented Roles

3. Adobe Commerce (Magento) Developer Professional
4. Adobe Commerce (Magento) Front-end Developer Professional
5. Adobe Commerce (Magento) Developer Expert
6. Adobe Commerce (Magento) Front-end Developer Expert

Certified developers have in-depth Adobe Commerce (Magento) development knowledge and skills, including architectural design, custom development, extension development, and integration with third-party systems—ensuring efficient performance when handling large product catalogs and high traffic volumes, supporting your business in driving high-quality growth.

Additionally, certified Developers are officially recognized for their ability to:

  • Configure and manage development environments
  • Build solutions using out-of-the-box components
  • Customize and extend out-of-the-box solutions
  • Manage and integrate data and assets
  • Test, validate, and troubleshoot applications
  • Deploy and maintain applications
7. Adobe Commerce (Magento) Architect Master

Furthermore, certified Architects have in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source architecture and the technical expertise to design solutions that meet complex business needs. They excel at translating complex business requirements into scalable and efficient technical designs within the Commerce framework. Certified Architects also provide guidance to development teams from initial planning and architectural design through implementation and ongoing maintenance to ensure successful delivery.

Furthermore, certified Architects are officially recognized for their ability to:

  • Translate business requirements into technical designs
  • Guide other members of the team in delivering solutions
  • Perform customization and configuration of out-of-the-box solutions
  • Lead development efforts
  • Be responsible for solving customer problems
  • Supervise the work of offshore developers

Verifying an agency’s Adobe Commerce Expertise

a) Browsing the Adobe Partner Directory

Adobe maintains a public directory of all Adobe-certified partners, further noting the number of certifications and certified employees each partner has. At the time of writing, Adobe Currently lists 842 partners, out of which 375 provide services for Adobe Commerce.

TMO Group is an Adobe-certified Bronze Partner, with over 70 credentials covering Adobe Commerce, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Analytics, and more.

b) Validating the agency’s Work Portfolio

While having the official credentials from Adobe can certainly confirm a service provider’s expertise with the tools, an additional factor when assessing Adobe Commerce partners is seeing whether they specialize in specific services that are relevant to your project’s needs, and that can be done so by looking at their previous projects.

TMO has experience developing Adobe Commerce solutions across a broad variety of industries and business sizes. Browse our success stories

Outsourced Adobe Commerce (Magento) Support Services

As an Adobe-certified Solution partner and a full-service eCommerce agency with in-house certified staff, TMO provides professional Adobe Commerce (Magento) services and has rich localization project experience, providing everything from consulting to integration, implementation, and managed services to help you launch and scale your digital experiences as your business needs evolve.

If you have an Adobe Commerce project or any eCommerce-related service needs, contact us and arrange an initial exploration call to review your specific needs and see how TMO’s understanding of your industry and the challenges you face can help conceptualize, plan, and develop to drive your online business.

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