Starting from October 20, major domestic e-commerce platforms have successively launched the “Double 11” promotion pre-sale, which marks the prologue of “Double 11” battlefield. According to the data, the pre-sale of Tmall’s overseas health supplement market has reached 420 million CNY, as of October 31. Was the overseas health supplement market affected by the pre-sale promotion in October? Which health care product categories were more popular among consumers in October? For the upcoming “Double 12” promotion, the sales data in October also has some important reference value. To learn more, please download our monthly data pack for October 2022!

October 2022 highlights

  • Overall, the overseas health supplements market grew moderately in October, with total sales revenue reaching about 2.85 billion CNY, the highest value this year. In addition, the overall average price is 348.92 CNY, also the highest this year.
  • In October, the sales of endocrine products reached a new peak, with a market share of 13.6%. Among them, the sales of blood sugar conditioning products, increased by 409% month-on-month. Additionally, urea conditioning products performed well. A plant essence composite tablet from BOOMHUE reached the first place in the endocrine product sales ranking.
  • The sales champion in October is a ginseng complex capsule from Meijia Nutrition Life. The average price is as high as 7,007 CNY, far exceeding the price of the other top five best-selling products. It is a beauty product with a high-end luxury concept. The rare ginseng it contains can help repair telomeres and protect the skin.
  • In terms of brands, Funrich from the USA performed outstandingly. The brand has rich product lines, covering young to middle-aged and elderly consumers. Their products, that prevent hypertension, nourish the liver and lungs are welcomed by the consumers. In the October market, Funrich’s main sales product is the small molecule saponin blood sugar capsule, which is mainly used to regulate blood sugar.

This data pack includes:

  • Analysis of the month’s trends and biggest winners
  • The month’s best-selling products
  • Sub-category market share
  • Market share by price range
  • Most popular brands
  • Brand price distribution
  • Best-selling product characteristics

And more!

Who are these data packs intended for?

These data packs are designed to assist researchers, data analysts, product development professionals, business decision makers, and anyone involved in strategic planning at overseas health supplements companies, or entities and individuals interested in this area. By keeping up with each month’s shifts in sales and consumer behavior, such experts can get a more firm grip on the trends and shifting attitudes in China’s growing and increasingly competitive health supplements market.

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Data upgrade notification:

In order to bring better content to readers, starting from the monthly Datapack in March 2022, TMO has optimized and adjusted the data collection methods used in the report. You will see that while the overall market structure remains unchanged, the sales data have increased to varying degrees compared with previous data packs. This is due to the higher frequency and larger volume of data collection, which effectively improves the aggregated results for the following fields:

  • StoresData of more stores has been collected, including new and removed stores within a month.
  • Online SKUsData of more SKUs has been collected, including new products and products removed from the shelves within a month.
  • Sales VolumeDue to the collection of more SKU information (including products on and off the shelves within a month), the monthly sales volume data has increased significantly.
  • Sales RevenueDue to the increase in the number of SKUs and sales volumes, the data of monthly sales revenue has increased significantly; thanks to the higher frequency of collection, the price fluctuations during various promotional activities are fully considered (the price that can be reflected on the product page), which makes the sales revenue more accurate.

*Explanation of data deviations:

Although we have used the optimized collection method, there will still be some data deviations:

  • Accuracy of sales volume: Since the collection is affected by the rapid removal of some products, the sales volume can still be slightly lower than the actual situation.
  • Accuracy of sales revenue: The prices collected by multiple products may not reflect the actual average transaction price of the products; information such as platform discounts and store coupons cannot be collected on the public product page.

The overall data accuracy is 90%, and some brands may have large deviations. Please be cautious when using the data.

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