How the Annual Report differs from Monthly Data Pack?

It’s been just over two years since TMO launched the first edition of the China Cross-Border Health Supplements Monthly Data Pack in March 2020, in which we clearly and intuitively display monthly sales data of overseas health supplements for readers’ business reference. In this 2021 Annual Report, we’ve integrated, analyzed and summarized the sales data for the whole year of 2021 to bring you the industry’s annual sales summary and consumption trend insights.

Compared with monthly data packs, the annual report has the following differences:

  • REPORT PURPOSE: This annual report is a compilation and content summary of our 12 monthly data packs in 2021, which covers a detailed analysis of the 10 best-selling sub-categories including beauty supplements, probiotics and multivitamins, as well as the sales performance of top brands such as Swisse, Move Free and Fancl. It aims to help relevant practitioners understand the latest market trends and provide product selection references for brands that intend to enter the market.
  • REPORT DATA: The time dimension covers the whole year of 2021, while other data dimensions are basically the same as the monthly data pack; the data granularity is coarser and the content is more high-level and conclusive.
  • REPORT FORMAT: In addition to data and charts, more analysis ( e.g. product analysis, search keywords analysis) and market insights have been added.

What Will You Find in this 2021 Annual Report?

  • 2021 market overview: annual sales revenue and volume, average number of online stores, brands and SKUs; monthly sales trends from 2020 to 2021 and the comparison of sales on Double Eleven in the two years
  • Top 10 sub-categories: Alibaba platforms’ top 10 third-tiered sub-categories in terms of annual sales revenue together with the detailed analysis, including: monthly sales trend, product main active ingredients, consumer needs and reviews of hot products
  • Product price distribution: The distribution of product sales in each price range and the composition of sales by quarter in each price range
  • Product analysis: analysis of best-selling products throughout the year (regulars of the monthly top-selling product list) and dark horse products (products with particularly prominent sales in certain months)
  • Popular products features: country of origin, product form, product nutrients and benefits
  • Hot search keywords: the most frequently searched keywords related to overseas health supplements by consumers in 2021 (sorted by annual average hot search index)
  • Top 10 cross-border stores and brands: Top 10 stores in annual sales revenue and their analysis; Top 10 brands in annual sales revenue and the proportion of sales of their overseas flagship stores

If you want to learn the detailed information of specific sub-categories and products, please come to download our 2021 China Health Supplements Data Packs!

Who are the Annual Report intended for?

These data packs are designed to assist researchers, data analysts, product development professionals, business decision makers, and anyone involved in strategic planning at overseas health supplements companies, or entities and individuals interested in this area. By keeping up with each month’s shifts in sales and consumer behavior, such experts can get a more firm grip on the trends and shifting attitudes in China’s growing and increasingly competitive health supplements market.

In addition to the annual report and the monthly data packs, we also put together a comprehensive guide to the health supplements industry in China, updated annually and available absolutely free right here.