Localisation in China: 3 Online Marketplaces You Should Know

Li-Anne Krol
When it comes to Chinese online marketplaces they are numerous, large and competitive. Alibaba, JD.com and Tmall are no strangers anymore to the worldwide audience. So let’s take a look at some of the other influential players. In this article,… Read more

Chinese Online Marketplace Fees – A Look Into Setup Costs

Li-Anne Krol
Looking to start on one of China’s largest online marketplaces with your cross-border eCommerce business? Then you probably are willing to spend and invest some capital in your new venture. TMO Group has experience with helping external parties get started.… Read more

Revealing the Strategy Behind Chinese App Xiaohongshu

Li-Anne Krol
The masses have the power, especially in China. However, the masses and quality content go hand in hand on the currently hot Chinese app Xiaohongshu (Red, literally Little Red Book). Only a few months ago, this social commerce unicorn raised… Read more

10 Most Important Takeaways from China’s New eCommerce Law

Li-Anne Krol
On August 31 2018, the National People’s Congress passed the highly anticipated new China eCommerce Law. This new eCommerce law reviews penalties for China’s dynamic eCommerce market, regulates operators in key aspects and puts emphasis on consumer protection. Currently, the… Read more

Must-know: 10 Largest Southeast Asia Online Marketplaces

Li-Anne Krol
In our last blog we mapped out the Southeast Asian eCommerce market. In this follow-up, we zoom in on one of the landmarks: online marketplaces. Looking at a glance, these names might not be as familiar to you like Alibaba… Read more

How to be Successful in Multi-Channel eCommerce on the Chinese Market

Li-Anne Krol
China’s internet- and mobile phone penetration rates are 92% and 96%. Furthermore, more than 900 million users daily open WeChat. Foreign businesses looking to do cross-border eCommerce in China will first-hand experience that economic and technological development go hand in… Read more

Using Progressive Web Apps and React to Build Your Mobile eCommerce

Daan van den Berg
The web environment is changing rapidly, where users expect constant upgrades and content needs to be accessible at any time, particularly on mobile devices. It comes without notice that building an engaging, fun, and intuitive browsing experience is now more… Read more