How to be Successful in Multi-Channel eCommerce on the Chinese Market

Li-Anne Krol
China’s internet- and mobile phone penetration rates are 92% and 96%. Furthermore, more than 900 million users daily open WeChat. Foreign businesses looking to do cross-border eCommerce in China will first-hand experience that economic and technological development go hand in… Read more

Using Progressive Web Apps and React to Build Your Mobile eCommerce

Daan van den Berg
The web environment is changing rapidly, where users expect constant upgrades and content needs to be accessible at any time, particularly on mobile devices. It comes without notice that building an engaging, fun, and intuitive browsing experience is now more… Read more

China Bonded Warehousing and Cross-border eCommerce Tax Reform

TMO Group
In the past, an underdeveloped and inefficient logistics infrastructure brought great challenges to any foreign merchant wishing to sell in China. However, more recently the explosive growth of eCommerce and the government’s series of five year plans have resulted in… Read more

WeChat Store Set Up: The Basics to Building a WeChat Store

TMO Group
A unique feature of Chinese eCommerce is its connection with social media. Therefore, opening a WeChat Store could enable business to successfully sell to Chinese consumers. For that reason, this fourth article in our series “2018 China eCommerce Insights 2018”… Read more

An Alternative to Tmall: How to Sell on

TMO Group
When you are thinking about eCommerce in China, most likely the first name that will come to mind is Alibaba, founded by its iconic entrepreneur Jack Ma. However, another retail giant is at least as worthy mentioning. Jingdong’s is… Read more

Utilizing WeChat to Lift Your Business in 2018

TMO Group
On Wednesday April 11, 2018, we presented our insights into WeChat eCommerce in cooperation with Westwin during our event “Utilizing WeChat to Lift Your Business in 2018”. In 2018 more and more retailers are riding the WeChat eCommerce wave. But… Read more

Drive your Business in China: How to Sell on Tmall Global

TMO Group
Have you always wanted to expand your business in China? In this second article in our “China eCommerce Insights 2018” series we will explore the opportunities for your organisation to drive your sales in China through Tmall Global. If you… Read more

The Ins and Outs of New Retail

TMO Group
On Wednesday the 28th of March, 2018, it was finally time for the fourth and last DigiDutch E-Commerce Masterclass, “The Ins and Outs of ‘New Retail’: Diving Deeper into the Meaning and Purpose”. New Retail has been hyped as a… Read more