The rise of WeChat E-Commerce has been nothing but revolution in China: with 900+ million total users and numerous daily active users, the social platform will provide your business with unlimited opportunities. By setting up your WeChat public account, strategize your WeChat store plan and more WeChat function customization, we are here to maximize the full potential of your WeChat eCommerce Store. We help you to setup & build your Wechat Store solution in China to go viral and get the maximum out of this Social ecosystem

Our Solution

e-Business Models

Within the Wechat ecosystem we can come up with multiple eBusiness models to meet your companies and online demands. Our WeChat solutions can support multiple Storefronts for B2C, B2b and B2B providing different Marketing mechanisms like Subscription Buying, Content focused, Pop-Up store / campaign, User Community Activation, User-Generated Content and Voucher / Gift card.

e-business model

Wechat Storefront Setup

We develop either a Wechat H5 Web APP (Service Account) or provide Wechat Mini Program (Service & Media Account) as a storefront. Wechat Mini Programs can offer the user a more fluent user experience, additional hardware functions like: Camera & GPS functionalities, and can be integrated in a different way to Official Account and embedded into Wechat Marketing campaigns.


Channel Promotions

By following a Wechat eCommerce approach benefit from promoting your application via Moments Ad, PPC Advertising & KOL Campaigns to increase traffic, User base and long-term sales. We can integrate your Call-to-Action with your Moment Ad directly converting your client for a coupon download or eCommerce transaction.

Expandable to Omni-channel Approach

Together we will strategize an integrated plan to meet our clients needs on different stores / devices. Offering one back-end solution for multiple stores as Wechat Store.


Enterprise WeChat eCommerce

Being sharable and sociable, WeChat eCommerce has become a must-do for enterprises that want to expand their online business in China.

For your Omni channel eCommerce, consistency is the key to success. Consistent user experiences among different channels will offer customers more friendly and convenient shopping experiences. Check-out below how you organisation can benefit from

Encrypted & Secure

Our Enterprise Solutions include SSL Encrypted secure connections for Customer account, Check-out & Payment sections following the latest HTTP 2.0 protocol.


Full Payment & Data Control

Connecting directly to your own Service account enables you to gather value data on your customer’s Wechat ID and directly connect payment flows to your company bank count

Multi-store Platform

Build a full multi-channel solution including a Wechat store or start with a Wechat store only. We offer future expansion through our solution to multiple devices or even managing multiple Wechat Brand stores on 1 platform


Extendible & Flexible

Extend from Wechat to Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Website or connect through your current company infrastructure synchronising valuable CRM, OMS and ERP data. Our solutions are extendible and feature rich focussed on Business to consumer and Business to Business.