The scale of growth in China eCommerce market is astonishing. With a growing middle-class and an internet penetration of 1.283 million, or 92% of the total population, China has become a market that cannot be overlooked. Furthermore, cross-border eCommerce offers foreign businesses a comparatively accessible way to enter the market.

However, obstacles still remain for companies looking to start their eBusiness in China. A complicated legislative framework, regional differences and a unique media landscape are only a few of the challenges.

Therefore, TMO Group presents a series of guides with in-depth analysis and extensive information for localisation in different countries. Want to know more about localisation for the Chinese eCommerce market? Then take a look at our China eCommerce Market Localisation Starter’s Guide!

China eCommerce Market Localisation Starter's Guide - Table of Contents Note: this table of contents is from the in-depth guide and not specific to this starter's guide.

Do you want to know more about

  • What are recent developments for cross-border eCommerce in China?
  • How is the Chinese eCommerce market structured?
  • Which entry strategies can be employed?
  • When do you need a legal entity?
  • Which sales channels and models are there?
  • Tips and advice for different topics such as payment methods and marketing strategies

Download our China eCommerce Market Localisation Starter’s Guide now for free! Or if you want more information and insights, you can also purchase our in-depth China eCommerce Market Localisation Guide.


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