WeChat Opens APIs: How Can They Help Your WeChat eCommerce?

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An application-programming interface (API) is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a Web-based software application. Generally, software company releases its API to the public so that other software developers can design products that are powered by its service.

Since 2013, WeChat has developed multiple APIs for brands or companies to customize features, interact with their audiences and earn social presence on WeChat. With the help of API, a lot of companies have developed services as powerful as some HTML5 web apps that users can benefit from WeChat eCommerce.

If you already have a verified WeChat public account, here are 9 APIs available which can really boost your WeChat eCommerce to a new level:

1. Voice recognition

Through voice recognition API, WeChat will convert voice messages from users to text.

DIDI's WeChat service account voice recognition.
DIDI’s WeChat service account voice recognition.

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Official accounts can reply to messages from users within 24 hours with the help of CRM API.

China Construction Bank's WeChat public account answering questions in English.
China Construction Bank’s WeChat public account answering questions in English.

3. OAuth 2.0 web authorization

This API work for authentication and authorization. This provides more security to users and service providers on WeChat.

Authorization platform on WeChat
Authorization platform on WeChat

4. QR code improvement

API will supports a range of parameters to configure QR codes.

As an enterprise on WeChat, besides attracting more people to scan your QR code, you can also analyze QR code scanning performances. Interesting data like scanners location, devices can be accessed and help your business improve.

"The Phantom Of The Opera" China Tour's WeChat account QR code.
“The Phantom Of The Opera” China Tour’s WeChat account QR code.

5. Locations of users

After user permission, your WeChat public account can get the location of your users. This will help provide users more location based tips or services, meanwhile you will benefit from user data analysis.

Ele.Me, the food order & delivery app asking user's permission to access location info.
Ele.Me, the food order & delivery app asking user’s permission to access location info.

6. User profile

By User Profire API, WeChat public account can access user information includes ID, gender and location.

7. OpenIDs of all followers

All of your followers’ OpenID can be achieved. You will know every single user who is following you, and that will help you identify your target customer group.

8. Grouping followers

You can create and modify different follower groups in the back-end.

This will allow your WeChat eCommerce to partition your customer base into groups of individuals who share common characteristics. As a result, reap the benefits of advanced customer segmentation.

9. Upload/download media files

Not just plain texts: as a WeChat public account you can send media (music, image, video) files to your followers. More interesting contents will directly result in more attentions from followers.

Example: LiveNation China promoted show posters to followers.
Example: LiveNation China promoted show posters to followers.


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