Tips for an Excellent Website Redesign

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Maybe it’s been a couple of years since your last website redesign, or maybe you haven’t done a full out redesign since website development. Either way, if you haven’t designed your website in the past year then you most likely don’t have a mobile or responsive ready website, than it is probably time to consider a complete website redesign.

Achieving a successful website presence that deliver the results you seek, is never just about how “excellent” your website looks, it’s also about how well it performs and how useful your website is to your visitors. In order to achieve success with your website redesign here are some tips to follow.

Proper goal setting

Goals should be around measurements that impact the bottom line:

  • increasing revenue
  • reducing cost
  • building goodwill (future increased revenue)

The reasons for a redesign and how you define success of your new website should be around benefits, not features. Goals should be clearly defined that either directly impact the bottom line or an intermediate step towards that end.

Furthermore goals should be SMART- specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time sensitive.

hot areaUtilize heat maps to define what works and what doesn’t

You can place a piece of code on your website that will track user interaction.  Heat Maps visually show you where people click and how they navigate your website.  They may be missing something you really want them to see. This will help you see how your users see your website.

Get feedback from key stakeholders.

A website redesign will likely involve many people within your organization, from Sales to Marketing to Customer Service to IT to Management.

Involve key staff members or stakeholders in the redesign process. They bring key insights and feedback to the table that you might not otherwise discover or think of.And, as the project progresses, keeping everyone “in the loop” helps maintain transparency.

Plus, if all team members feel like they are involved and valued, that can help foster goodwill and buy-in, making for a smooth transition to a new website.

Create an ongoing content building strategy

If you have more content, on average you will have more website visitors and grow your business faster.  A 100 page website will beat a 10 page website 99% of the time.  And a 500 page website is even better.  And if some of those web pages were written recently, that’s even better.  So, build a strategy to continue to add more and more content to your website over time.

Make your website optimized for mobile

Technology is moving so fast, that a website from 3 years ago isn’t going to have the same benefits as now. With the popularity of smart phones, websites are now are built so they are “responsive.” This means the size of your website automatically adjusts based on your browser size. That way phone, tablet and desktop users all see a website that is clean and organized. This makes your brand experience seamless across all devices.

Optimized for mobile

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