Trends for eCommerce Website Development in 2015

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eCommerce is one of the most dynamic industries in todays business world and eCommerce website developers have more capability due to the many advances in eCommerce software platforms such as Magento (currently known as Adobe Commerce), Shopify and so on.

With more and more retailers going online it’s important to stay across emerging trends in eCommerce to ensure your business stays ahead of the curve. It has been another big year for eCommerce and we can expect this to continue forward with new trends that illustrate what you’ll be seeing more of as sites launch and redesign their stores, and the localization implications for your international eCommerce sites.

Personalized interface customization

Are you bored with the appearance of some famous eCommerce websites such as Amazon and Taobao? Could you imagine that the layout can be customized by ourselves? As windows 8 has used the Metro UI, which allow people putting any software shortcuts, media or widget they want. It will probably come true in next 10 years. At that time, many eCommerce websites will allow customers to Benefits of Using a Customized Business Model for Your eCommerceCustomized business model / customization model have benefits for companies. For one, they help foster customer loyalty.personalized customization. That means we can put the product recommendation, navigation or other sidebars in anywhere. And the layout can be stored by their user account. Furthermore, maybe the loyal customers can delete some of the ads as well. That’s great!

Pre-eminence of Minimalist Design

With the modern day customers going online with everything, we have to keep in mind that the appearance and the convenience of a website would matter the most. Crisp edges, bold colors, airy white-spaces, and flat illustrations are now replacing complicated textures and designs packed with complex images and flash.  Along with this, many sites will use payment processes that are simpler and simpler site navigation.

As a result of how responsive design has become more important, good eCommerce sites are gravitating towards a more minimalistic approach. This means we’re seeing a rise in things like crisply cut edges, spacious white space and bolder colors as opposed to complex, intricate textures and designs.

Faster Load Times

Consumers are now expecting to be able to access online stores from any location, and they have become impatient with site load times. In the past, online shoppers would, on average, abandon a web page after a seven second wait. Today, the average wait time a typical user is willing to tolerate is three seconds. This is a serious challenge for ecommerce sites that have a very large product number, since the more items a webpage contains, the more time it will take to load.

As a website designer, you can meet this challenge by making use of a content delivery technique that will provide users with information on the basis of their geographic location.

Let Your Customers “Try On” Your Products

A surefire way to stand out in the eCommerce world is to do something truly innovative. Many sites allow you to custom design a watch or a shoe before you buy, but what if your customers could actually virtually try those products on? New applications are coming to market that allow your visitors to actually connect to their camera and drag and drop products over their own image, as exemplified by Boutique Accessories’ “Virtual Mirror,” the first of its kind.

try on

Videos embedded

This trend is one of my favorites, not only as a designer but as a consumer. Zappos and Amazon use videos on the regular and I’m sure other companies will be doing the same soon. Videos in the product view show the consumer exactly how their selection looks on a model. While most product images are re-touched and can be untrustworthy at times, videos can show us exactly how a shirt fits or how the leather of a shoe reflects light at different angles. Videos are yet another way to instill trust into your customers and to make them sure they are getting exactly what they are looking for.

Videos embedded

And don’t forget about ‘wearables’. Google Glass, no matter how silly some people think it looks, is already on fire! And Apple’s iWatch comes out this year! So if you thought holding a smart phone was ever a pain, now your problems have been solved. You’ll be able to purchase items with a blink of an eye!

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