SEO Tips: Dominate the SERP by Navigational Search

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From the newest research, Google gets 3.5 billion searches a day. Generally speaking, People often search in 3 ways below.

  • Navigation

When user search a specific website, they prefer typing part of the name of website in search engine to typing the URL. For example, someone who wants to find our company, TMO Group, might perform this navigational search rather than type in our address “”:

tmo group search

  • Information

When user want to find some information such as “What is O2O” “How to develop an eCommerce website“…

  • Transaction

When user are willing to buy  something. The search may be “How much does the SEO cost”. And the seaching words including “pruchace”, “price”, “buy”‘ and so on.

First, let’s focus on the navigational search. Although usually used by repeat visitors,it still makes sence. If you want to find a cloth on the internet, you might do the steps like this:

  • Open a browser and choose a search engine.
  • Type in “Taobao”, “Bestbuy”, “Amazon” or others famous eCommerce websites.
  • Click the button and find the results

You just have a navigational search! Because these eCommerce websites are so popular, they have large amout of repeat visitors who already know the name of the site. How about a ordinary company? Maybe no one type in “TMO Group” if they never heared it before. But there are also new visitors who may have heard of the site. They will find the site by using a navigational search too. And the search might performed like “TMO Group eCommerce Solution” “SEO Group”…These visitore are most valuable because it will help people who are looking for your site. They know what they exactly want and ready to convert.

So can we dominate it? As long as you have a unique company name, you stand a strong chance of dominating the SERPs. But we still need to do as follows even we can accomplish navigational search domination.

Add navigational keywords in title

Title is one of the most important SEO features. It will be easier to get a good ranking if the title contains navigational keywords. For example, TMO Group is an China eCommerce SolutionsWe provide China E-Commerce solutions with China localizations features to help you sell in the market. Solutions cover multiple Commerce channel solutionseCommerce solution provider, so I use “TMO Group Shanghai | eCommerce Solution | Web Development” as my title. This brings in the navigational search who are looking for ” TMO Group”, “TMOGroup” or “Group TMO”.

TMO Group meta tag

Emphasize the company name

Company’s reputation is everything. The more you can saturate the market with your company identity by providing good services, the better time you will have of embedding your brand name into the minds of searchers, and therefore gaining more future navigational searches.

Since many copycat company flooded with the market, Such as “Adidas and adivon”, navigational search is much more important today, we must handle and protect our brand. No matter what or when will the search engine change, the navigational search exsit forever.

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