Now Chinese Can Check Their Yearly Spent on Cross Border eCommerce

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Released on April 8th, 2016, China’s cross border eCommerce policy only allows a maximum of 2,000 yuan per single cross-border transaction and a maximum of 20,000 yuan per person per year. Goods that exceed these limits will be levied the full tax for general trade.

Entering 2017, China has launched an official online platform for consumers to check their cross border transaction status.



Here is the link

More exactly, one can check how much he or she has already spent this year, and the remaining amount one can still spend on cross border eCommerce this year.


As shown below, the interface is in Chinese only. User needs to type his/her legal name and Chinese ID number. Click on “Search”, it will show the amount you spent already, together with amount you can use this year.



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