What Are The Obstacles Between Your eCommerce and High Conversion Rate?

TMO GroupAugust 17, 2016
What Are The Obstacles Between Your eCommerce and High Conversion Rate?

For every eCommerce marketer, conversion is one of the most important analytics you can measure. More importantly, conversion rates are an essential component for operating a successful eCommerce and directly impact your sales and profits.

However, many find their conversion rates suffering, even though they have done so much. There are a lot of reasons why your site’s conversion rate may be lower than you’d like, but here are four obstacles preventing your eCommerce conversion to grow time and time again.


1.Your promotion offers is not obvious enough

Most of the eCommerce sites are offering various promotions, whether it is a discount or free shipping. However, not every promotion offers is visible. You need to make sure you place there directly where every single visitor will come across.

For example, OshKosh put their promotion info on their homepage, considering the homepage is generally the most frequented page on your site.

ecommerce conversion rate

The homepage is a powerful gateway to your business, and can be a major difference maker to your online sales if leveraged properly.


2. You don’t offer a seamless mobile experience.

A mobile-friendly website is mandatory for your eCommerce, especially when you are looking into China market.

There are many things to consider when optimizing a website for mobile traffic. Make sure you use text that’s large and easy to read, have only one call-to-action for your visitors to focus on, avoid large paragraphs of text and make sure visitors can access every feature using just one finger.

Many enterprise website owners are currently evaluating responsive web design as a way to consolidate their multi-screen web strategy. There is no doubt that responsive web design is a good methodology for eCommerce retailers to expand to mobile devices.

ecommerce conversion rate

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3. Your website speed is too slow.

ecommerce conversion rate

If you visit a website and it doesn’t load fast what do you do? You leave. I leave. We all leave. Your website visitors aren’t any different, making it very important that your website speed is fully optimized.

Not only will someone leave your website because it loads slowly, but the will also never return, preventing future sales as well. There are several free tests you can run to audit your website speed and load time. Consider upgrading your website hosting to a dedicated server or use a content delivery network (CDN) to improve your website performance.


4. You require customers to create an account to checkout.

Consumers want to complete the transaction as quickly as possible, so many of them will avoid to register an account during checkout. If you require your visitors to create an account it makes the checkout process longer, while also acting as revenue repellant, pushing away visitors who refuse to create an account.

Don’t entirely eliminate the ability to create an account; some visitors, specifically repeat ones, enjoy the convenience of stored information, such as a preferred payment method and shipping address. Simply make sure you offer a “guest” checkout option or social login button (just like what Biotherm Homme did below), allowing visitors to quickly complete purchases and be on their way.

ecommerce conversion rate

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