This Cross Border Solution by Alibaba Will Help You Make a Splash with China’s Online Shoppers

TMO GroupMarch 22, 2016
This Cross Border Solution by Alibaba Will Help You Make a Splash with China’s Online Shoppers

Improving technology has supported a good environment for China’s online shoppers to do cross border eCommerce. 36% China’s online shoppers bought cross-border products in 2015, and it tends to boom even more in the next few years.
One of the major reasons that cross border eCommerce works so well is Alibaba. Alibaba is the hottest eCommerce company in China of the past five years, and now its aspirations are global. Alipay, the payment platform that powers Alibaba, is offering Western retailers a direct online sales channel to Chinese consumers: Alipay ePass.


Alipay ePass: The express lane to Chinese customers


Alipay ePass is an extended services package on the foundation of Alipay, the payment option. By using Alipay ePass, Chinese online shoppers can pay in RMB on foreign eCommerce sites through Alipay, and have products shipped across borders directly to their homes. This new solution combines three key features in China: payment, logistics and marketing.

Overall, Alipay ePass makes it easy for oversea brands to sell directly to Chinese consumers from their current eCommerce sites. Foreign-based retailers will have a direct access to the 800 million or so Chinese consumers who have an Alipay account.


What problems will Alipay ePass solve?

Cross border eCommerce surely looks intriguing to retailers, but there are a lot of unsolved problems in the middle. Currency exchange, customs, and shipping logistics… these are the most troublesome issues during cross border eCommerce, to name a few.

Enters Alipay ePass. Alipay ePass will break the border barriers for foreign retailers when facing Chinese customers. Not only will ePass ease customers’ troubles through its payment facilities, it will but also provides marketing and shipping logistics services in China market.

More specifically, ePass combines Alipay’s cross-border foreign currency settlement service with overseas delivery solutions from China Smart Logistics Network (Cainiao), while offering retailers access to e-marketing options from Chinese online ad network Alimama. By adopting Alipay ePass, foreign retailers are able to reach Chinese consumers without having to physically open stores in China.

“We are trying to make it easy for Western merchants to reach Chinese consumers without going into China,” said Alipay U.S. president Jingming Li. “By using ePass, merchants will find it just as easy to sell to China as it is to sell in their core market.”

Who are Using Alipay ePass?

Gilt Groupe, the fashion and lifestyle eCommerce site based in New York City, was among the firsts to try out Alipay ePass. Alipay ePass built a bridge between Gilt Group and the growing number of middle class and affluent Chinese eCommerce shoppers in cities like Shanghai and Beijing.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 上午10.45.32 is an online retailer of luxury watches and other luxury goods, and it joined the ePass program in late 2014. On the day launched Alipay, the site saw 421% year-over-year increase in orders from China, and about 50% of the transactions went through Alipay.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 下午3.13.03


Ready to make a splash with China's online shoppers?

Alipay ePass will be very appealing to you, if you're looking for developing markets like China for growth. You will have an direct access to China’s coveted middle-class and luxury consumers without worrying about logistics and others.

TMO Group will be more than glad to design & develop your eCommerce platform featuring Alipay ePass. If your business is ready to reach full potential of China market, please contact TMO Group!


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