Southeast Asian eCommerce Guide Series: Updated for 2020!

TMO GroupApril 9, 2020
Southeast Asian eCommerce Guide Series: Updated for 2020!

Interested in taking your brand to Southeast Asia using eCommerce? Look no further - our popular series of Southeast Asian eCommerce Market Guides has been updated! Customers who purchased a previous version of any of these guides can of course contact us directly to request this latest updated version, free of charge. But for anyone who was on the fence before, there's never been a better time to pick up your own copy!

What's New

  • Updated data & statistics. Our guides contain a wealth of data taken from reliable sources such as research agencies and government bodies. But Southeast Asia is a fast-moving region, and so we've updated many of these figures. Now you can expect our guides to tell the whole picture as of 2020!
  • Written with CoViD-19 in mind. We took into account the significant impact CoViD-19 had on each of these countries when making adjustments to these guides. Most of Southeast Asia has now contained the pandemic. But in many ways the pandemic left its mark, especially in terms of attitudes towards online shopping.
  • Consultation with legal experts. For some of the guides we've worked with our legal partners in the relevant countries to bring you their expert insights. For the rest, consultations are ongoing and we'll be providing full updates to these in the coming months.

We believe that this year's versions represent the best value yet. Coming on the heels of our successful China Market Localization Guide, this series of Southeast Asian eCommerce Guides offers an exciting window into a less-explored market. Additionally, we aim to continue to update these biannually. So those who buy this year's version can enjoy the latest information and insights going forward into 2021.

Check out our range of eCommerce Market Guides, which includes free Starter Guide versions* to get a taste of what the complete guides contain.

*Note: our free Starter Guides still use their 2019 editions.

You also might be interested in our free Southeast Asia eCommerce Outlook 2020, which gives a broad overview of some of Southeast Asia's most exciting markets.

Southeast Asian eCommerce Guides

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