ShopNow Helps Puratos to Launch First-ever eCommerce on WeChat

TMO GroupMay 22, 2017
ShopNow Helps Puratos to Launch First-ever eCommerce on WeChat

International bakery supplies company Puratos will launch its first-ever eCommerce platform in China. Supported by ShopNow Cloud, a cloud-based solution, Puratos eCommerce platform will be fully integrated with WeChat, China’s biggest social platform.

Based in Belgium, Puratos has run business in China for over 20 years, and this WeChat eCommerce will be Puratos’s first gig on eCommerce.

“The Belgium headquarter first planned out our eCommerce approach back in 2015, and we chose China as one of the stops.” Leo Li, eCommerce manager of Puratos says, “As a pilot project, we hope this WeChat eCommerce platform can bring positive results.”

One of the most significant aspects is Puratos are aiming WeChat as a destination for online shoppers to purchase. With 768 million daily active users on WeChat, the brand sees massive growth potential there. “We also want to know our customers better: ” Li also mentioned.

For any WeChat user, just follow Puratos WeChat public account and WeChat shop will be found within. Customers can learn about bakery recipes, browse the whole Products lines and make purchases with built-in WeChat Pay. Meanwhile, customers can receive coupons from Puratos WeChat message from time to time.

Additionally, the cloud-based ShopNow solution helps Puratos to customize, scale and grow in an easier way. Unique features of the Puratos WeChat store include:

  • Members-only. In order to better manage the customers and provide suitable service. Puratos customized the members – only registration function for the shop.
  • Content driven. The platform is featured with bakery recipes, which could be very useful to Puratos's customers. "Related product" will be shown at the end of every recipe, driving customers to purchase smoothly.
  • Bilingual (Chinese & English). Puratos WeChat store will serve both local and western pastry/restaurant/bakery businesses in Mainland China and HK, so it enables easy language switch for every single pages.

“One big reason we chose cloud eCommerce solution is it fits our needs best", Li adds, “ShopNow allows us to customize our store, so this store reflects on exactly what our ideas are and how our strategy goes.”

TMO Group managed ShopNow implementation and integration of Puratos’ WeChat store. Li says, “TMO Group made the communication easier. They are keen to work closely with us to create an even better and more tailored solution, and so we’re excited about where our journey with ShopNow Cloud takes us.”

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