[Infographic] Your eCommerce Store Needs a "Health Check" and Here's Why

TMO GroupAugust 12, 2016
[Infographic] Your eCommerce Store Needs a "Health Check" and Here's Why

Health check on an eCommerce site... seriously?

Strange as it may sound, that is a must-do to maintain your eCommerce business. Even though your Adobe Commerce (previously known as Magento) eCommerce platform is doing great on attracting visits and making sales, there might be a few health issues hidden, which could eventually become a risk.

This infographic below will explain to you what are the most common eCommerce "health issues", and how will they ultimately affect the store. These issues range from looped SQL queries to inefficient memory usage, to redundant data.

Let’s take a look on how to evaluate your Adobe Commerce (Magento) store for its overall health and efficacy.

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