How Realistic is My eCommerce Finishing Developing in Two Months?

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If there is a list of the most frequently asked questions from those very first conversations with most of our clients, “how long will it take to build up my eCommerce platform” will definitely be in there. Truly that if you’re looking to expand your business online, timeframe have to be one of the key figures you concern during the very start.

So back to the question: how long will it take to build up my eCommerce platform?

 Sorry, but we don’t know.

SaaS model PaaS model China eCommerce Development

The thing is: one general time range just doesn’t apply to every eCommerce development process. Even though every eCommerce are trying to make as many sales as possible, different business are asking for different functions or features in terms of eCommerce developing, which will result in difference in cost.

 If I have to give an estimate?

A typical medium-sized eCommerce sites will take 3-4 months from start to launch, assuming no delays or interruptions. The more complex a project is, the more unforseens are likely to arise. While the exact timeline will depend upon many factors unique to you — the nature of your business, the size and complexity of your development project, the team you’ve assembled, etc. 

Can’t wait that long, you said?

There is actually a quicker solution: SaaS model (Soft as a service).

SaaS model PaaS model China eCommerce Development

SaaS is a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the Internet. Which is to say, you “rent” this service, and is hosted “in the cloud” and accessed via the internet.

In the eCommerce world, Amazon, Ebay and China eCommerce giants like Tmall & JD are perfect examples of SaaS eCommerce platforms. Other than low implementation costs, SaaS model will really speed up the process for business go online. By adopting SaaS eCommerce model, you can literally set up your SaaS eCommerce with a month, or even in a few days.

Meanwhile, seen as a “quick and dirty” solution, SaaS model certainly has its drawbacks. For example, lack of customizability, since it’s not possible when you’re renting service from a 3rd party. Because of limited customizability, a SaaS model is also unable to perform all of the functionality your business requires, which could really tie the hands of fulfilling your eCommerce’s wants and needs.

What’s more, SaaS also raise security concerns. Your database is fully built on a 3rd party cloud, which does not sound like a perfect plan for your most valuable eCommerce data.


Our Solution: Enterprise Ready PaaS (Platform as a service)

So…is there an all-around option that can be both faster to launch, and extensive function-wise?

SaaS model PaaS model China eCommerce Development

Actually there is something TMO Group offers that can do the job. To serve any given enterprise better on eCommerce, TMO Group will not only take care of your eCommerce development, but also provide with a server platform. With this solution, you will have your eCommerce ready to go online in 1-2 months, while you can still have unique domains, payment gateways, and logistics options.

Comparing with SaaS model, we call it an “enterprise ready PaaS model“, which we provides a platform allowing customers to develop, run, and manage applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with developing and launching an app.


What advantages PaaS can offer:

SaaS model PaaS model China eCommerce Development

Here are a few obvious advantages of our fast eCommerce solutions:

  • Expendable to your own hosting. It means we offer the flexibility if you want full customisation of UI design & User experience design, more features and integration to your own systems fits your growth.
  • Lower cost during the beginning. Since you will be “renting” the server we provide, you don’t need to be spend as much as creating a whole new platform.
  • Cash flow. The sooner your eCommerce can go online, the sooner you can get your business running. From a cash flow perspective, this is really important to a small or medium size of organization.
  • To test the market and to improve yourself. You will find your customers behavior more directly when your eCommerce is actually running. Features like where are they, what do they like, how do they pay will be extremely helpful to improve your online business. In this case, fast launching of your eCommerce actually buy you more time to adjust to your customer’s behavior and expectations.
  • Fully integrated functionality in the long run. Don’t think of this fast eCommerce solution are limited with functionality or customizability, since you can upgrade it whenever you got more to spend. Whether it is customer service, checkout integrations, analytics & reporting or Catalog Management, you can always have those later to serve your online shopper better.


As a developing pioneer in China, TMO Group know eCommerce ecosystem well, and we are open to give you the service and quality workmanship that is well expected. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding eCommerce solutions that you may have.

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