Custom Website Development Solutions for eCommerce

TMO GroupJune 19, 2014
Custom Website Development Solutions for eCommerce

The role of custom website development has increased for the recent years since every software company tries its best to keep up a friendly relationship with their clients by offering customized solutions to the diverse requirements. eCommerce website also need solutions that are a custom fit for it needs.

Customized modules are contrived by utilizing the latest up-to-date technology. The websites are developed exceptionally to satisfy the customer’s requirements. Below are some useful solutions to custom website development for your ecommerce.

Choose a suitable development platform

Magento EcommerceWhen it comes to choosing a platform for an eCommerce website there are plenty of options. Having options can be a good thing, but in some cases having too many options can make it difficult to know which one to choose. For medium to large size eCommerce enterprise, we recommend Magento (sinece 2021 also known as Adobe Commerce), which is one of the most popular open source eCommerce platforms. More than 150,000 businesses around the word choose Magento as their ecommerce platform. It is powerful, flexible and cost effective ecommerce solution.

Maintenance cost of Magento is high as compared to other open source platform but Magento site is more SEO friendly as compared to rest of all. We recommend that small business does not choose it because of low investment; maintenance of the site becomes very hard.

Do well in must-have eCommerce functions

There are many different approaches you can take when developing an eCommerce website. However, you might notice that effective eCommerce websites have certain site features that are absolutely critical to the shopper’s experience. We will look at these must-have features that you will find in almost all eCommerce websites:

  • Product Navigation

Good website navigation is essential for any site, but much more so for eCommerce sites. Users need to have the ability to browse among different categories and products quickly through an intuitive navigation system.

  • Customer login & registration

Give the option for customers to register on your site, so when they do return they don’t need to enter all their billing and payment details in again, giving them the flexibility to quickly check out.

  • Search Box

Having a clear and well-positioned search box is crucial to an eCommerce site. The ability to search an eCommerce website is very important because many online buyers have a specific item that they are looking for. A search box is a powerful site feature that will improve findability and navigability.

  • Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is almost always present in eCommerce stores. The shopping cart is usually the first screen in a checkout process. Products in the user’s shopping cart are typically displayed in a table/matrix format.

  • Featured Products

By displaying featured products on your home page or on the side columns of your site will inform your visitors of top selling products, sales offers or it can be a general products that you want to push further and make sure they get noticed.

  • Good Payment Gateway

Choosing the perfect payment gateway solution for you site will give assurance and peace of mind to your visitors. Choose a merchant account that your visitors are comfortable with.

Take advantage of “Custom”

custom developmentCustom website development has become the go-to choice for many business owners. Rather than opting for pre-designed coding, the market has transitioned into customized eCommerce design as a way to set businesses apart from leading competitors and be able to design coding that is most appropriate for achieving specific goals. We should make full use of the “custom” in following ways :

  • Unique Reporting

Each eCommerce website has unique goals and information that should be tracked in order to know how to best serve customers and enhance revenue. With a customized eCommerce design code, businesses will be able to easier track information such as shipping and payment methods.

  • More Features

Pre-designed eCommerce websites such as Magento offer a limited number of features simply because the design is intended to be universal. For some eCommerce websites, this is simply too vague and there is a need for an eCommerce design that allows more features so that the company may fine-tune specific needs. A custom website development will allow operators to play with different coding strategies. Basically, the company will be able to integrate more features that will promote development and creativity

  • Marketing Advantages

When choosing a custom eCommerce design there is an option to capitalize on marketing strategies within the coding. Sites that are pre-designed already have a fixed intention when it comes to SEO, but a customized code can increase the advantages on the search engines. Custom eCommerce development provides extended benefits to its users. It becomes very easy to track down the requirements and online inquiries of customers and provide them what they want.

More details please refer to: custom web design

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