Cross Border eCommerce Has Become "A Way of Life" [Infographic]

TMO GroupOctober 20, 2016
Cross Border eCommerce Has Become "A Way of Life" [Infographic]

According to the latest Global Online Shopping Survey released by Pitney Bowes, eCommerce, especially cross border eCommerce has become "a way of life". Meanwhile, China remains one of the most passionate countries about eCommerce.

The survey was conducted online by ORC International and surveyed approximately 13,000 adults across 13 countries regarding their perceptions, habits and preferences for making online purchases. Based on the result, nearly one-third of these consumers now say they make domestic online purchases on a daily or weekly basis, with over two-thirds in China reporting this regularity.

Meanwhile, Cross border eCommerce has become prevalent among consumers around the globe. The top countries in which shoppers choose all or most of their cross border marketplace purchases are Japan (70%), China (61%), Germany (59%) and India (55%).

Throughout the shopping journey, mobile devices are playing an increasingly greater role. Roughly half of shoppers in Singapore (51%), India (50 per cent), Mexico (49%) and China (47%) were most likely to use a mobile device (including tablets and phones) for browsing.

Also, when it comes to order tracking, over half of shoppers in China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and South Korea use these devices.

See more details in the infographics below:

cross border eCommerce infographic


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