Collecting Coupon in WeChat Moments: New Ad Format for WeChat eCommerce

TMO GroupMay 27, 2016
Collecting Coupon in WeChat Moments: New Ad Format for WeChat eCommerce

Last week, “Coupon Ads” first appeared in WeChat user’s Moments timeline, as a new ad format by WeChat. This new format supports text, images and video formats, and users can collect, redeem and share it via WeChat.

WeChat Moments Ad Coupon


With 762 million MAUs (monthly active users), WeChat Moments coupon ads will have these two strengths:

1. Accurate targeting

The coupon ads will target WeChat users based on their social activities and interests. Comparing with traditional coupon sending, coupon ad via WeChat moments can not only save time & costs, but also help your brand find your target customers. In the long shot, it can successfully send WeChat users to the O2O (offline to online) conveyor belt, and increase the conversion rate.


2. Social sharing

Being social is WeChat’s biggest advantage, and so is WeChat moments coupon ads. Once WeChat user collected the coupon via WeChat moments, the coupon will be saved in the WeChat account. Moreover, WeChat user can both use the coupon by himself/herself, and share it to his/her friends on WeChat. In that case, brand can fully experiences the strength of social sharing on WeChat ecosystem.


Who’s using it?

Pizza Hut has already launched two Coupon Ads campaigns for its Durian Pizza, along with a 15s video and a text/image respectively. Coupon collection rate was increased by 8 to 10 times.

WeChat Moments Ad Coupon

Miss Fresh, a grocery eCommerce retailer based on O2O platform also tried out its very first WeChat Moment Coupon Ads.
WeChat Moments Ad Coupon


How to use it?

Any WeChat eCommerce retailer can operate, create and edit WeChat Moments Coupon Ads on WeChat Public Account’s back-end, and select the most suitable plan to put ads to the market.


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