China Market Guide 2020: New Year, New Version

TMO GroupSeptember 1, 2020
China Market Guide 2020: New Year, New Version

To kick off the New Year with a bang, we’re launching the new version of our China eCommerce Market Localization Guide! The Guide was a big hit with enterprises last year, but we knew we could do better - the guide has been revamped from the ground-up to offer a more seamless reading experience, and to provide even more comprehensive, even more up-to-date, and even more insightful information.

As with last year’s version, TMO has poured its 20+ years of experience into this China guide, alongside expert insights and in-depth research from some of the best in the business. This 140+ page guide covers key areas such as legal developments, marketing realities, tech and social media trends, online sales channels, and logistics processes.

Key Changes & Additions

  • An Updated Look into the Latest and Most Relevant Laws Affecting eCommerce in China: Including sections on the CFDA's changes to health product registration, the recent eCommerce Law and how it changes things for companies looking to do business online in China, and changes to data protection restrictions in China and how they affect companies doing business domestically.
  • An In-Depth Look at the Chinese Consumer: Our original version focused on the key legal and logistical concerns of successfully selling to China, but our latest version includes a deep dive into what makes Chinese consumers tick, the kinds of demographics that exist and how they differ in taste and behavior, and what makes them stand out from consumers elsewhere in the world.
  • An All-New Streamlined Structure: We went back to the drawing board to make the guide read as intuitively as possible, with an introduction to China, eCommerce in China and the world, and Chinese consumers to start; followed by a template roadmap for Chinese market entry, and following sections that follow this roadmap step-by-step in greater detail, with sections such as legal entity setup, logistics, customs, and marketing arranged as one would encounter them along their market entry journey.

This new version also adds a whole new chapter on the Chinese consumer and what makes them tick, covers the legal changes over the past few years, provides a template roadmap for market entry and consolidating on early success, and streamlines the tax section to make calculation easier than ever before.

We hope you’ll like our new China guide as much as we do! Download it here

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