Words from B2B eCommerce Platform Developers: PaaS Is The Way to Go

TMO GroupJuly 1, 2016
Words from B2B eCommerce Platform Developers: PaaS Is The Way to Go

The key to success for not only eCommerce, but any business is to make every single customers feel special and cared for. Hence, customization is a must for every eCommerce business, since it will make different eCommerce customers comfortable.

To provide your eCommerce customers with a fun, personalized user experiences, which cloud-based software option will do the job best? According to the latest survey from 154 software development professionals, PaaS (platform-as-a-Service) is clearly the better option comparing with SaaS (software-as-a-service).


SaaS v.s. PaaS

SaaS, is the software deployment model that enables client companies access software hosted on a vendor’s Internet server through a web browser, freeing the user from running the software on its own infrastructure. Some of the most well known SaaS solutions are Gmails, Salesforce.

While SaaS is a very valuable tool, it may not be the best solution for eCommerce platform. For example, lack of customizability is one of the biggest drawbacks of SaaS.

Meanwhile, PaaS involves using Internet-based software accessed via a browser, but it takes the SaaS model a big step further. The components of PaaS software suites are designed with application programming interfaces, or APIs, intended to enable a user’s software developers to more easily and quickly integrate multiple software applications. The idea is to provide highly customized applications for a company’s particular needs. For example: a manufacturer of cosmetics that builds a mobile application specifically for salon operators to order products. An API is a set of software instructions designed to get disparate software applications to integrate and share data.


PaaS beats SaaS among B2B eCommerce software developers

The Forrester study found the following percentages of software developers at companies involved in selling products through B2B eCommerce said they were “completely comfortable” developing eCommerce software systems in PaaS and SaaS models. Basic on the survey, more developers are comfortable with PaaS models (66%), rather than using SaaS models (50%).

b2b ecommerce platform China PaaS SaaS

To follow up, the survey also asked the developers about their " top three reasons for developing software in a PaaS environment". "More modern development and APIs", "Better support for mobile devices" and "Faster rollout of new capabilities" are among the top of the tops. These reasons mentioned can be regarded as the foundation to set up a successful eCommerce platform that can convert visitors to shoppers.

b2b ecommerce platform China PaaS SaaS


TMO's eCommerce solution: enterprise ready PaaS

PaaS model will have a bright future: The rate of increase in planned PaaS-based deployments over the next two years will be twice that of the increase in planned SaaS-based deployments.

To serve any given enterprise better on eCommerce, TMO Group will offer an "enterprise ready PaaS solution". More exactly, you can have your eCommerce ready to run online in 1-2 months,while you can still have unique domains, payment gateways, and logistics options.

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