How HTML5 Helps Improve Your SEO Efforts

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If you’re a Webmaster that still doesn’t fully understand HTML5, you’ve likely been able to get by in the search world. However, understanding the different ways that HTML5 can improve your SEO efforts can help give you the extra push that you need in the organic search rankings. Not only is it going to be the way of the future, but it also actually does make things easier when it comes to SEO. It isn’t some fancy new code you can learn if you want to become more advanced, and it isn’t just another new-age strategy that will be forgotten in a few months—HTML5 is here to stay.


HTML5 Tips and Tricks that Help SEO Success

It’s best to first familiarize yourself with how to use HTML5 and get started making changes to your website. You can learn more about getting started here. Once you have handle on the new system, there are a few ways you can make sure it’s helping your SEO:

The New HTML5 Tags

HTML5 has several newer tags to help make things easier for humans as well as Google bots to understand.

Article Tag. The <article> tag helps sites announce that the article can be syndicated. Google will definitely add more weight to an article (or blog post, forum post, etc.) that is associated with this tag, so it’s important for publishers to use.

Header Tag. The <header> tag actually has less weight in the eyes of a search engine. However, it helps make things very easy for humans as well as Google bots. The Google bots can figure this out already, but it takes them time. With this easier tag, your SEO should improve because it only helps your navigation and helps the bots understand your site without any confusion.

Section Tag. The <section> tag helps determine different sections of an article or of a webpage. Google bots often pay more attention to smaller sections than one huge section, so it should help your SEO in that sense.

Footer Tag. The <footer> tag works similarly to the header tag: It helps to keep things organized despite the fact that it may hold less weight in the eyes of Google bots.

Other New HTML5 Elements. The new HTML5 has other elements aside from just the tags that help to make things easier and improve SEO.

!DOCTYPE. This little piece of code, which looks like is put in front of a website instead of all the code that was there previously. The idea here is that there is less code, which is good for SEO. It’s as simple as that.

Input Types. There are different input types for things like email, which helps validate email and which helps eliminate errors if someone types in something that doesn’t look like an email address. There are also phone number input types. The biggest way this helps SEO is the idea that you don’t need JavaScript to make it happen, so your site won’t be slowed down (which we all know is bad for your SEO).

Local Storage. HTML5 offers more local storage so that if you or a user is kicked out because a webpage expired, your information will be saved.

To be fair, there is still speculation as to whether or not HTML5 does all that much for SEO. It’s definitely easier to use, so it makes sense that the SEO community would be looking for ways it improves the SEO of a site. Nonetheless, it’s becoming more and more popular and more evidence regarding SEO should not be too far in the future.


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