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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s this tool used for?

There are two main uses for this tool. First is for those researching China’s production of medical supplies for battling CoViD overseas. Second is to help companies or individuals verify that Chinese medical products received in their countries are indeed legitimate and properly tested for the global efforts to tackle CoViD-19. You can do this by checking that the manufacturer is on this approved list put together by the Chinese National Medical Products Administration.

Who are the companies that are listed here?

These are the state-approved Chinese companies that are producing medical supplies and equipment intended for shipment overseas to help battle CoViD-19 around the world.

Are the products made by these companies reliable?

The Chinese government has implemented strict requirements for companies to make this list. Recently, China has begun putting their products through even more rigorous testing procedures to make sure that these goods are of a high standard before they are shipped overseas.

How can I get in touch with one of these companies?

You can use the company name to find their website and preferred contact details using a China-optimized search engine like Baidu. Alternatively, you can contact us at TMO to act as a communications go-between, or for consultation services regarding cooperation with one of these companies.