Benefits of Using a Customized Business Model for Your eCommerce

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In the US, 41% of eCommerce websites’ revenue comes from returning and repeat purchasers, who constitute only 8% of all visitors. Businesses can therefore increase revenue by ensuring they have returning and repeat customers, and one of the best ways of doing that is to adopt a customuzation model.

Customized business models also have other benefits for companies. For one, they help foster customer loyalty because they result in being regularly in touch with customers.Also, customization enable “better serving top customers and growing goodwill”.

Moreover, companies that use customization have a “built-in, recurring opportunity to market additional products,” according to the list below .

1. No matter what your business, returning and repeat purchasers represent a great opportunity to increase sales. What does all this mean? Services designed to make repeat shopping easier are worth every penny.

customized business model

2. For repeat purchasers, customizations are an automatic and convenient way to replenish supplies on items they already use and love. For business owners, they represent a simple way to better serve existing customers while growing their lifetime value.
customization model
3. With customized business model in place, business owners will benefit from:
  • Being in touch with loyal customers regularly
  • Better serving top customers, growing goodwill, and earning word of mouth promotion
  • Having a built-in, recurring opportunity to market additional products
  • Collecting recurring revenue with minimal sales efforts
  • Sales teams and marketing budgets freed up to target new prospects
  • Streamlined operations

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