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Developing a strong brand name and image has always been important for any business.  If you aren’t thinking about China eCommerce SolutionsWe provide China E-Commerce solutions with China localizations features to help you sell in the market. Solutions cover multiple Commerce channel solutionsbranding your current eCommerce business, then you’re not really thinking long-term of the advantages that branding has in really having an edge over your competitors.

To understand the concept of including a voice, tone and language for your eCommerce store here are a few pointers:

Name consideration

Picking a name for your online store can be tricky. As an eCommerce business you need to convince your customers that you are an expert in what you do. Try and keep your name short and simple without the risk of people spelling it wrong. It needs to be one that people will remember and you need to stand out from the crowd so don’t use a name that is similar to your competitors.

If you’re bold enough, try a completely random word like Google did. Or if you want to keep it safe – try something catchy like 7-Eleven. Once you have your name sorted, make sure that nobody else has it and trademark it so it can’t be taken!

Ecommerce Product Descriptions

Ecommerce product sales thrive on the product descriptions. Simply copying the manufacturer descriptions is definitely not an option. It is uninspiring for a customer and definitely detrimental for your SEO efforts. Well, you need to take a step further. Make the product descriptions interesting as well as include your brand voice in accordance to the target audience. Here’s where you can use the tone that you want your brand to portray. Getting the right content there is half your job done. Remember to use the right language.

Attributes for search, navigation, sorting and filtering

You can instill confidence in the brand by adding attributes that will match the audience priorities. In this way they will perceive your brand as highly relevant to their requirements and hence increasing your credibility. Navigation, categories and products that are built with a perfect hierarchy, search options that return accurate and relevant results, and the ability to filter the products as per their convenience. These may be very common but highly essential features to deliver the brand experience that your wish for your store.

Establishing Brand Loyalty Among Consumers

Visibility isn’t always enough; you also have to develop familiarity. Whilst eCommerce stores can enjoy decent sales figures from one-off, impulse buys, it’s returning customers that provide long-term solidity. After all, if you have a positive experience at a store (including good service, low pricing and ease of purchase) it’s likely that you’ll return. However, more than this, you may also tell friends and even follow their social profiles and interact with the brand on a regular basis.

This was perfectly demonstrated in a recent piece, which identified the top 20 retailers on Wechat, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Whilst this study only used follower numbers, discounting other useful metrics such as interactions and direct sales, it gives an indication of those ecommerce stores that are succeeding in social and branding.


It’s very important to stay consistent with your brand. While that is hard at the beginning, for some, consistency helps build a strong brand image. If you’re changing all the time, you’re not sending a clear message to consumers about who you are and what you stand for. Don’t dress up your offering and raise expectations that result in broken promises, create trust with honest branding

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