Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) is a leading solution in eCommerce development, it combines the strength of Adobe ecosystem and years of experience behind the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world. TMO Group is an Adobe Solutions Partner and as such, we will use flexibility and scalability of Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) to power your global expansion, to build your eCommerce representation in China, South East Asia, Europe and North America.

Our experience includes the whole range of business models: B2B, B2B2C, DTC etc. We offer services on all stages of eCommerce-building: from ideation and strategic planning to solution development and analytical support. We use the latest methodologies and technologies to provide innovative customer experiences.


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Our Adobe Commerce (Magento) development services


We have several certified Magento consultants on our team who can help you pick a viable technical solution, fitting your commercial needs. They will be a part of the implementation process, making sure you are on the right track and solving day-to-day issues.


While developing software solutions, we focus on addressing customer’s marketing and business needs. To achieve this goal, in keeping with industry trends, we place particular focus on reliability, while aiming for maximum flexibility. As a result, our customers can expect enterprise-grade functionality and strong customer focus of the final solution.

Extension development

We will equip your Adobe commerce (Magento) solution with modules, custom developed for localization in China or countries of South East Asia. They are a great asset when it comes to providing great user experience for local markets and boost sales.

Performance optimization

Our Magento performance optimization service is aimed at cutting through layers of technical complexity, delivering a reliable, stable and scalable cloud hosting solution. We achieve this result using container-based hosting technologies, equipping your eCommerce project with resources to deal with any technical challenges coming your way: from handling seasonal traffic peaks to maintaining high security standards.

Technical support and maintenance

Adobe Commerce is a complex system and sometimes things may not go as planned – especially if you have complex requirements. We provide professional and timely technical support to make sure any issues you encounter will have minimal impact on your business.

Adobe Commerce migration

Chances are, the system you are currently using is not Abode Commerce or Magento. Migrating from one system to another, uprooting years of habits and conventions may be a daunting task. Having encountered numerous cases of migration from all sorts of systems, we will ensure a careful and smooth move that maximizes benefits of the new system.

Chinese localization of eCommerce

Extension modules for Chinese localization

The Chinese eCommerce ecosystem differs a lot from the eCommerce in the rest of the world – in large part in expectations and behavior patterns of Chinese consumers. Interactions that are taken for granted in China often are not included in western eCommerce platforms, and Adobe Commerce is no exception.

TMO Group, using more than 10 years of experience, developed a series of extension modules for Adobe Commerce aimed at bridging this gap. Extensions add a range of new functionalities that bring Adobe Commerce experience on par with the top Chinese eCommerce platforms. You can read about these functions in our blog post.

Brand’s private traffic

The concept of “Private traffic” is very popular in Chinese eCommerce. Private traffic (as opposed to marketplace traffic) usually refers to visits that a brand receives on its own domain, eCommerce website, WeChat mini program – the whole ecosystem of media platforms. Opting for private traffic gives brands an opportunity to create unique brand experience, stick to independent operational and user management models – something that is often impossible on third party platforms.

B2B2C / multi-merchant system

We develop and support businesses that use a B2B2C distribution system, that on top of full online sales functionalities, empower merchants to recruit new merchants and set up their own shops on the same platform. This system features convenient managing area for global admins, rich backend functionalities for merchants – anything to leverage an active community of sales partners.

B2B eCommerce

TMO Group has experience of successful implementation of B2B eCommerce projects from a wide range of business models: B2b/B2B/B2B2C/O2O.

Adobe Commerce has all the prerequisites for flexible business expansion: well-documented and flexible API interfaces, third-party integration support; it is development friendly to adding new functions that can be required for particular business; allowing for rapid creation of new digital business experiences.

Customers’ account and role management

Adobe Commerce allows end customers to make customizations to their account, setting up rules and roles that fit their workflow best.

Personalized catalog and pricing

Adobe Commerce’s catalog is a powerful tool that supports customized content, presentation and pricing.

Optimized B2B procurement experience

Adobe Commerce supports such procurement scenarios as repurchase (for returning customers), order by SKU (for customers familiar with the product) or by uploading a CSV file (for detailed complex orders).

Requisition lists

“Requisition lists” is the popular feature for products that need to be ordered periodically. Adobe Commerce supports up to 99 different requisitions, saving time for frequent re-orders. Customers also can add items to the shopping cart directly from the requisition list, or move items between lists.

Request a quote

In B2B negotiations about price are way more common than in B2C. To facilitate this, Adobe Commerce has a “request a quote” feature that allows customers to express their interest in a particular item and initiate the discussion about the potential purchase.

Company credit

Company credit is a system that allows purchases to be made according to client’s need, without being held up by long and complex approval processes of large B2B companies.

Automated rules

Adobe Commerce can create business rules to automatically manage items, apply discounts and so on, triggered by various conditions.

System integration

Adobe Commerce provides a system of extremely flexible API that will ensure efficient integration with other systems, for example ERP solutions.

Adobe Commerce for international eCommerce expansion

A well-designed cross-border eCommerce system not only meets the needs of local markets and wins the hearts of the customers, but also takes into account operations, managing inventory, logistics and distribution, helps to distribute admin functions between local teams and global teams.

Having vast experience of localization for countries in South East Asia, TMO will become an invaluable partner for your expansion in the region. Together with a full range of services, we will build an eCommerce platform that would serve as a cornerstone of your success. From conceptualization to deployment, from designing the architecture to maintenance – we will ensure successful localization of your eCommerce in various regions.

International brand expansion

One of the main advantages of Magento Commerce that can be invaluable for international cross-border platforms is its multi-store feature. It allows businesses to use multiple domain names to run multiple stores and use multiple channels from a single admin interface of a single Magento instance.

Here are just some of the benefits that Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) can provide to a brand’s cross-border website.

Localization that follows regional eCommerce structure

Adobe Commerce (Magento) has a multi-store feature that allows flexible localization with individual rules that can be set for each market. All the stores can be managed from a single admin interface, they share the same backend resources and codebase. Customer data can be shared too, or if required for legal compliance can be stored separately.

Managing international customer experience

Smooth customer experience is crucial when it comes to multi-national, multi-brand marketplaces. Adobe Commerce comes with a wide set of options that can be defined on global or site level, giving you full control over the way customers interact with your stores. For example, whether your customers use global or individual accounts to login into your sites.

Multilingual content

The ability to offer your content in various languages is extremely important for global cross-border eCommerce. Adobe Commerce has extensive support for multiple languages, to ensure your website’s appeal to the country’s customer base.

Flexible product catalogs

With Adobe Commerce you can share your product catalog across multiple websites, or use a fully localized one. You can even use both these two ways, combining parts of the global catalog with unique localized versions.

Multiple currencies, pricing and taxes

You can offer your customers prices in their local currency, while receiving payments in the “home” currency of your choice. Adobe’s “taxation zones” settings give significant flexibility in tax calculation, depending on the customer’s location. On top of that, Adobe Commerce supports use of multiple currencies, where prices can be calculated in real time depending on current exchange rate.

Inventory & Fulfillment

When it comes to handling logistics and managing multiple warehouses across different countries, Adobe Commerce (Magento) offers powerful functionality to always stay on top of your game. Using real-time inventory data and sourcing algorithms, flexible location-based settings and a system of operational priorities, it raises efficiency of inventory management and expedites fulfillment.


Promotions are vital to any successful eCommerce operation. With Adobe Commerce (Magento) each regional division can have their own promotional materials, rules, channels – everything they need to efficiently cater to their local market. At the same time you can create centralized promotional campaigns, ensuring consistent branding across all your points of contact.


Payment methods vary a lot across different countries, and choosing the right combination of payment methods is a key to successful localization of your eCommerce project. Adobe Commerce offers payment gateways that cover most of the requirements. We at TMO group will also implement any customization that is required in your case.

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