What is Video eCommerce and How to Take Advantage of It

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Video eCommerce is a kind of eCommerce solution that using video content to promote products or services in an online eCommerce website. In addition, the video generally contains fixed or floated pictures and anchor links that can open up a web page or a transaction process.

Video eCommerce

Recently, two eCommerce news in China cause a sensation. One is Youku(http://www.youku.com/), who is the biggest video giant in China, cooperated with Alibaba, announcing a new strategy for video eCommerce that can make “purchase while watching” comes true. The other one is JD (http://www.jd.com/) jointed anther video giant Iqiyi (http://www.iqiyi.com/) to introdece “Scene Marketing”. These two news means that video eCommerce seems to become more and more popular.

Video eCommerce is not a new concept

Do you remember that years ago, many businesses would like to share a piece of cake from TV shopping, which probably can be the predecessor of video eCommerce. TV hosts promoted products by using exaggerated movement and people can order through a phone call. Regardless the shopping channel and purchase method, it is quite similar to “purchase while watching”.

Besides the TV shopping, many potentially advertisement often mixed with some online videos. For example, some music video usually promote their albums  and some video descriptions including the link of the owners Taobao shop. It is not hard to see that video eCommerce is still experimenting in this new field.

It will cause trouble for users

Apparently, “purchase while watching” mean people can click or save or the product which appears in the related video and they don’t need to drop out of the video. But we ignore a key question. There must be something like pop up ads emerge while users are watching videos. It is a bad user experience and may affects our mood as well. From my point of view, videos can combine with ads in an indirect way. Not only combine video with ads, but also combine the program with products instead can easily interested the users. For example, if we want to sell a cloth, we can let the program guest to try it on. When some topics related to the cloth, there will be a small arrow point the guest’s cloth in order to call customers attention. It’s must be interesting!

Video eCommerce still in the stage of driving traffic

Video eCommerce by virtue of its vivid and intuitive presentation will must occupy part of our lives. But for now, no matter Alibaba joint Youku or JD joint Iqiyi, their final goal is to drive traffic to their website. If you don’t watch in full screen, the ads in video is similar to some ads or pop up in sidebar. From this level we can see that video eCommerce have not fundamentally affect the traditional eCommerce. Video remains video and eCommerce remains staying in its own field as well.

video eCommerce

From my perspective, video eCommerce will not for the purpose of driving traffic, but for the final transaction. It should be shown more details of products and lead customers to pay for them. At that time, eCommerce websites will prefer to information sites and video websites will become the actual trading platform. That is real video eCommerce!

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