Email Deliverability Guide (part1)

TMO Group
SECTION1: The Most Important Fact about Email: Delivery is Never Guaranteed Email is the backbone of the social web, making all the connections work. Can you imagine Facebook without email or any other web application functioning without email? It is… Read more

China E-Commerce in 2013: An Outlook

Jing Zhou
E-commerce might be one of the most eye-catching trades in 2012 with all the price wars, spars, and series of good or not-so-good rumors, and it’s evident that in the coming year the industry would be a good play, as… Read more

The Taobao Phenomenon

Jing Zhou
Taobao: part of the Alibaba group (which also owns the popular business-to-business site—is by far the most important company to watch in China’s e- commerce landscape.  More products were purchased on Taobao in 2012 than at China’s top-five brick-and-mortar… Read more

Key eCommerce Implications for Brand Companies

Jing Zhou
Online sales may account for 20 to 30 percent of nonretail sales growth in China through 2015, growing from a market  size of RMB 476 million in 2010 to more than RMB 2 trillion. While many Chinese companies use or… Read more

10 Ways to Compete Against Large Ecommerce Companies

Jing Zhou
When you owned a small eCommerce business, you sometimes felt unable to compete against larger companies. Ad budgets were tight; working capital to fund inventory was sometimes limited to cash from current sales. Hiring or outsourcing to find the right… Read more

Why choose Magento to set up your online shop

Jing Zhou
Today, people are choosing the Internet for their shopping activities rather than going to shops directly and buy things. As a result, e-commerce has got its own place among customers wherever there people need to prefer online shopping. This results… Read more

Using Videos to Improve Ecommerce

Jing Zhou
Using Videos to Improve Ecommerce Videos are a powerful tools for ecommerce to show products and many ecommerce businesses have already leveraging it on a greater scale. For example, conversion rates can improve with user-generated videos and product detail video… Read more