How to Start Omni Channel Retailing For eCommerce

TMO GroupJuly 18, 2014
How to Start Omni Channel Retailing For eCommerce

When you visit an eCommerce website, you will look up products online and perhaps scan a QR code in search of a deal now. Then you can obtain a discount when you visit the brick-and-mortar store by your mobile devices, which store some information about products’ promotion. This is one of the ways of Omni channel retailing.

According to a report, the Omni channel retailing will become the central force shaping the future of eCommerce all over the world including China. And the heritage brand now refers to itself as an “Omni channel retail organization operating stores and websites.”

omni channel retailingAccording to MIT’s report, about 80% of the customers will check the prices of products online before buying them. They expect the overall brand experience to be readily available at their fingertips. It proves that customers like obtaining the information about products from multiple angles. So start an Omni channel strategy might become a major task for eCommerce. The following are some strategies that can help retailers go online and stay ahead of the eCommerce industry.

1. Refine Digital Presence

The more channels you have for customers to do business with you – the more opportunity there is for everyone involved. eCommerce, M-commerce, F-commerce. Social-commerce. Every letter imaginable has been dropped in front of commerce to define a new digital channel that customers can interact and transact with. Make sure that you are testing your conversion path and optimizing your landing pages both online and on the mobile web.

2. Target Existing Customers Using Retargeting

If consumers are searching for your product and visiting your website, use those website visits and your entire CRM database to improve site retargeting to arm your existing customers with relevant and personalized ads. Don’t overdo it, but remember that your customers are your brand ambassadors. Presumably, they already like your brand, so why not encourage that behavior?

You know a great deal about your customers, probably more than you realize, and you should use that information to provide them with a customized advertising experience.

3. Search Retargeting Will Help You Gain New Customers

If your website rocks, your search campaigns are converting and you have a multi-faceted digital campaign targeted at existing customers and site visitors, you’ll now want to find new customers.

This is where search retargeting comes in: targeting people who have searched for what you sell but didn’t click on your ad or didn’t visit your website. Search retargeting is the most effective digital marketing strategy to gain new customers.

4. Combine Mobile Commerce

It’s important to recognize that mobile commerce is not a channel unto itself, but should extend and enrich in-store, web, point-of-sale (POS) and call center touchpoints as an integral part of an Omni channel environment. Embedding mobile capabilities and seamless interactivity across all touchpoints in the commerce value chain positions merchants to meet customer expectations, deepen engagement and drive sales.

mobile commerce of omni channel

Creating an exceptional web experience optimized across multiple devices is essential for today’s business. Users now expect to be able to browse the web on their phones just as easily as on their desktop computer.

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