You Should Adopt WeChat "Shake" Because of These 4 Hidden Benefits

TMO GroupMarch 18, 2016
You Should Adopt WeChat "Shake" Because of These 4 Hidden Benefits

We revealed earlier that the new WeChat "Shake" function will pull your customers closer. If you are expecting to grow your O2O commerce in China, WeChat "Shake" is an interesting feature for you to discover since it is not only entertaining for WeChat users but also can bring a lot of benefits. Today we will walk you through the 4 hidden benefits with WeChat "Shake" feature to your offline business:


1. It's An Easier Digital Solution

For retail stores eyeing on mobile, it could take too much time and money to create a native app and a synchronized website. Thankfully there is an easy solution. iBeacon on WeChat "Shake" would show an easier path for every offline retails since it requires less to invest, and WeChat is the dominant social platform in China now.

As is known to all, WeChat is the “almighty application that does it all”: WeChat has built a strong ecosystem on Chinese mobile, from social messaging to eCommerce. In other words, WeChat has nearly every function one will need in daily use.

650 million monthly active users, 50 million of them open the app more than 10 times a day…that is WeChat’s glorious report card in China now. By opening yourself up to WeChat’s huge user base, offline retails should be consistently making the most of it to seek success in O2O commerce.


2. It Will Bring Higher Conversion Rate

Increasing your conversion rates is absolutely crucial for your offline business. Having a good conversion rate is the foundation of high sales volume, and iBeacon on WeChat can help you get there.

The reason is simple: WeChat “Shake” function will help your retail stores collect data from customers and engage in digital commerce. Once collected by iBeacon, an offline business can analyze customer data, communicate precise and targeted information to customers, expand marketing capabilities, and improve sales conversion rates.

Another great feature your business can take advantage of is WeChat Pay, the new popular mobile payment powered by WeChat. Since more users in China are getting used to paying with WeChat Pay, a coupon offering through WeChat Shake will encourage more mobile users to close the deal, leading to more profits.

Example: During the 2015 Chinese New Year, Chow Tai Fook’s use of iBeacon brought in 11 million dollars in revenue with a conversion rate of up to 63%



3. It Will Help Not Only Retail Industry But More

Not only retail business can benefit from iBeacon on WeChat, but also a lot more. 'Shake it Near-by' service also can be used on Tourism, Conferences, and many other situations.

For example, users can enjoy GPS and presentation service by 'Shake it Near-by' on park and museum; it also allows users to sign in, vote, ask a question, make a speech, or play games in an exhibition, conference, and PR activity spot; users can check the nearby store, GPS, coupon from the device in AD box and Signs.

Example: Starting Feb. 2015, Chongqing Sanxia Museum has implemented iBeacon. Visitors use WeChat "Shake" and can check detailed explanations around collections.

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4. Above All, It Will Contribute Closing the Loop of O2O

iBeacon on WeChat looks definitely promising for the retail industry by providing a more customized approach to in-store shopping. While customers are shaking their phones, a business will directly give customers exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.

After all, the key to O2O is that it finds consumers online and brings them into real-world stores. And iBeacon does it. Communicating with its audience in real-time, on-location in this new channel, your business will improve the customer experience, upgrade brand awareness, and finally attract more customers.




WeChat gives businesses a strategic advantage, simply because they don’t have to force consumers to download their app to receive their beacon signals. Instead, the messages prompted by beacons arrive within WeChat’s “Shake” feature. By opening yourself up to WeChat’s 500 million user base, consistently making the most of this channel will always help your brand seek O2O success in China.


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