WeChat Mini App Coming on Jan. 9th!

TMO GroupDecember 29, 2016
WeChat Mini App Coming on Jan. 9th!

WeChat Mini App is set to release on January 9th, 2017. Zhang Xiaolong, Senior Vice President of Tencent and the “Father of WeChat” announced this news yesterday during a speech in Guangzhou.

Zhang Xiaolong also further explained more details about WeChat Mini-app, including 4 core features and 8 frequently asked questions. Here is the gist of the speech:



Again… What is Mini App?

WeChat Mini App is the mobile app that does not require download and installation.


4 Features of Mini App:

- No need to install.

This is a breakthrough towards current application. “Download – Install – Use” is a complicated process, and WeChat Mini App can reduce the first two.


- Handy

Mini Apps are within reach through scanning QR codes through WeChat.


- Free to leave after use

“A good software/tool should let users leave after being used, not staying over”, Zhang mentioned.

This will be one significant value of WeChat Mini App. For example, restaurants these days allow customers to order through its mobile app, which is not that necessarily. With the help of Mini App, one only need to scan the QR code and order within.


- No need to delete

Since Mini app does not need to install, naturally, delete is not necessary too.


8 Frequently Asked Questions about WeChat Mini App

1. Where is the entrance for Mini App in WeChat?

There is no entrance in WeChat interface. The only way to get in a certain Mini App is to scan the QR code.


2. Will there be a “Mini App Store”?

No. As mentioned, there is no download and installation, so app store does not really exist.

Also, there will not be any official ranking/recommendation for WeChat Mini App.


3. What’s the relationship between WeChat Mini App and WeChat subscription account?

Mini App is different from any forms of WeChat public accounts. Usually every WeChat public account is aiming at gaining more followers, but that’s not the case with Mini app. WeChat Mini App is more like a website: it allows users to come and go freely, not to subscribe.


4. Is WeChat Mini App allowed to send WeChat message?

No. Similar to e-mail subscription model to a website, WeChat Mini App will only send you WeChat notifications when you agree to.


5. Can WeChat Mini App be shared to WeChat conversations/WeChat Moments?

WeChat conversations – Yes.

WeChat moments – no.


6. Can games be developed through WeChat Mini App?

Not at this moment.


7. Can WeChat Mini App be searched?

Yes, but WeChat will limited its search ability. Ideally, user will find the WeChat Mini App he or she needed without any distractions.


8. How is WeChat Mini App connecting with WeChat public account?

WeChat Mini App and WeChat public account will be connected to each other. If your enterprise has both WeChat Mini App and WeChat public account, users can see this connection, and are able to click through.



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