Benefits of Website Monitoring for eCommerce Sites

TMO GroupSeptember 12, 2014
Benefits of Website Monitoring for eCommerce Sites

There are many reasons why companies choose to monitor their eCommerce sites. Online customers expect everything to be seamless, from searching for a product to checkout. If there is a snag in the process, the consequences can be difficult to rebound from, both for your brand and your bottom line.

Website Monitoring for eCommerce

There are many benefits to monitoring your website, most importantly, is to make certain it remains safe and not open to attacks from computer viruses or hackers. Equally important is that good website security programming provides you and your potential customer peace of mind once they arrive at your website. Let's see the following benefits of website monitoring for your eCommerce websites.

You will minimize downtime and its consequences

The major benefit of having a website is that your customer can reach you through it any time of the day and from any part of the world. However, you may not be able to monitor if your website is up all day long. Every minute of your website acting faulty means specific consequences. Those include lost leads (or even sales in the case of e-commerce websites), media contacts, job inquiries, potential partners, not handled customers, not displayed ads, and so forth.

You will keep an eye on your server's performance

There are situations where a failure can be predicted and prevented. One of them is a load (traffic volume) exceeding server capabilities.

A growing server response time is a sure signal informing you about a significant load increase. By configuring a limit of acceptable response time in a monitoring system, you can make sure that you will be alerted when it is exceeded.

Ensure good traffic levels

A performing website results in greater customer retention and repeat visitors to your website. With constant monitoring using website monitoring services, you will be instantly notified about any downtime or inappropriate functioning of your website. Then you can take care of the issue before your customers face it. Thus, you will be preventing any loss of credibility among your customers.

Avoid products out of stock

As another lose-lose situation, an item that is out of stock is a deal breaker. The responsibility primarily falls on the eCommerce site for not properly monitoring the ebbs and flows of their inventory, along with trends in consumer behavior and demand. An online store must consistently monitor the buying behavior of their customers, based on a variety factors. For example, if an eCommerce site sells iPhone accessories, and Apple debuts a new iPhone, they are sure to double, if not triple their inventory for the release. Additionally, if there is consistent traffic to a certain product page, monitoring tools will enable the buyer to estimate demand.

If not for the sanity of the owner, eCommerce sites should actively monitor their sites for the sanity of your customers. Regardless of the occasion, you want them coming back.

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