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Shanghai, July 2015: Augmented Reality finally takes off: Augmented Reality offers more opportunity for creativity, better ease of use and engagement for the user, and performing as we first dreamt of when modern technology was first born: the possibility to creatively mesh the physical world with the technological.

AR allows real objects to be immersed within virtual experiences. The technology behind AR has been available for some years. However, as a totally new and relatively untested platform, the delivery and usage has lacked exploration. With traditional methods of promotion, education, communication and interaction still failing to satisfy, TMO Labs recognises that now is the time to state the mission goal: Open up an entirely new dimension of internet.

The internet, like the human mind, is currently utilising a small fraction of its capability. There were no set rules on the creation of the web, and it is by employing a mindset of limitless creativity that we have struck the solution for AR.

Named “Octar”, it offers a streamed AR platform.

Octar allows creative opportunities for high-definition content and real-time interaction to anyone with a modern web browser, on any device. Users can fully engage with a super-diverse range of experiences by simply following links: no downloads, plug-ins, updates or app store hassle is needed. The result is instant, high-quality and hi-tech content, which goes beyond the boundaries of a 2D screen and a start-stop methodology of content delivery.

Octar is Web AR. It is a completely new channel of delivery, outperforming traditional websites and apps. The possibilities are endless:

  • Octar enables creators to deliver the same quality as HD movies or AAA video games – instantaneously.
  • Octar becomes the sought after bridge between downloadable graphic capabilities and the cloud. 1080P and 3D power is instantly accessible without traditional downloading or battery-draining performance.
  • Octar is totally integratable with all existing web structures. Whether a payment gateway, a traditional content-based website or an app, Octar seamlessly breathes life into standard platforms, relating the in-device platform with the real, physical world.
  • Octar delivers the most optimised, latest and best content – the user is not troubled with endless download update requests.

AR will take you to the places onnly accessible by this next dimension of web use. Regular people are transformed into superhuman avatars. Normal daily life can be conjured into a world of infinite possibilities. AR achieves the goal of creating a barrier-less world between offline and online, between the understood rules and our limitless imagination.

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