8 Strategies eCommerce Should Learn From Brick and Mortar

TMO GroupDecember 18, 2014
8 Strategies eCommerce Should Learn From Brick and Mortar

eCommerce sales strategies are not that simple. Methods that business owners use are getting more and more obscure. Even they use neurological theory to arouse your desire that are locked inside.

Nowadays, eCommerce owners are not only focus on user experience, but also make a shopping atmosphere. The ads you see, the smells you smell or the sound you hear... all of them are based on the research about what can arouse your shopping desire. Followings are 8 strategies that eCommerce owner should learn from brick and mortar stores.

1. Make the customer nostalgic

In the movie "Mad Man", there is a heart-moving ads to promote "Kodak". When you see some families, pets or childhood time, you will probably be moved. Nostalgia makes people forget the price.

2. Be a little rude

A new research find that customer prefer to buy high-priced products if salesmen make a rude behavior. But this kind of effect only works for luxury goods. It seems that people like to be a member of rich group. The more they try to reject you, the more you want to be involved.

3. Use small packages

You might think that if you buy small package consumer goods, you will save more. But no: buying a large amount of small package goods makes the total quantity more.

4. Make customer a little lost

Sometimes you can not find the certain product that you'd like to buy. This is not a coincidence. Losing focus makes people more vulnerable to impulse spending. A research from UC San Diego said that if you are disturbed while shopping, you will not be sensitive to the price. This is because you will be confused and think that you already pay much attention.

5. Put some products close at hand

Another research from Caltech shows that people are prefer to pay at least 40% for the products which are close at hand. Moreover, they will also prefer to pay 60% more for snacks in that case. The more time you spend on looking or touching the product, the more you likely to buy.

6. Make an illusion

Can you imagine that purchase restrictions can also boost sales. Even the product have no discount! Normally, it makes some illusion, which make customers think it has a discount. To be honest, you should always ask yourself: Is 10 dollars for 10 equal to 1 dollar for 1?

7. Crate warm atmosphere

Some brick and mortar stores usually build warm atmosphere. For example play music or make sweet smell. But for fancy sneakers, noise can even boost the sale.

8. Get rid of currency symbols

Do you think that if the price shows "49" no  "49$" just to keep it clean? Please think it over. A research from Cornell point that people will pay 8% more in restaurant if the currency symbol is got rid of.

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