Selling to China Online: Top Benefits of Alipay ePass

TMO GroupMarch 24, 2016
Selling to China Online: Top Benefits of Alipay ePass

Alipay ePass revolutionizes Chinese online shopping through its innovative technology solutions
and vast customer base. It reduces your operational burdens and costs, allowing you to build your reputation in China and offer local shoppers access to authentic products and a satisfying customer experience.


With Alipay ePass, you have the infrastructure, tools and support you need to overcome challenges and put your China business into high gear.




Alipay ePass allows you to directly connect with China’s affluent and worldly middle class via the Alipay network. It also provides co- marketing opportunities designed to drive traffic and conversion, bringing greater predictability and focus to your China expansion efforts. This is the first time that global brands have been given access to the marketing ecosystem that supports successful Alibaba Group vendors in China.




Alipay ePass integrates China’s dominant online payment platform into your eCommerce website, allowing Chinese customers to use their preferred and trusted payment solution. This removes the primary roadblock to overseas e-commerce and reinforces the trustworthiness of your site. Customers pay in RMB, using their existing Alipay accounts, while you receive payment in your preferred currency, directly into your company’s bank account, before goods are shipped.



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Alipay ePass allows you to retain control over the customer experience. You can assure customers of the product’s authenticity and protect your reputation for fast and reliable delivery.

Once the customer’s payment is processed, you dispatch the goods to an agreed freight forwarder. Alipay’s logistics partner China Smart Logistics (Cainiao) Network will then handle labeling, customs clearance and delivery to the customer in China in as few as 10-12 days.

Your Chinese customers will pay for the product at standard retail prices and add payment for shipping and customs duties. This transparency enhances trust. Customers will also receive excellent value for money: prices will typically be lower than the brick-and-mortar equivalent in China, and competitive with third-party daigou agents.



Alipay ePass gives international brands access to a vast and largely untapped market, without the 
need to carry inventory, set up a local company in China or make a significant infrastructure investment.

TMO Group will be more than glad to design & develop your eCommerce platform featuring Alipay ePass. If your business is ready to reach full potential of China market, please contact TMO Group!


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