4 Golden Rules for eCommerce Checkout Design

TMO GroupSeptember 24, 2014
4 Golden Rules for eCommerce Checkout Design

eCommerce websites are built with the intent of converting site visitors to actual paying customers. This means that it’s highly imperative that you review all the design elements of your eCommerce site and prevent fleeing customers who abandon shopping carts. There are a few very simple things to consider. It’s important to understand that customers are looking for a quick online shopping experience, without lengthy interrogations during checkout. Once the product is in the cart, they want to complete the process within a few clicks!

Here are a few considerations for creating a great ecommerce design to provide customers with a great shopping experience.

Shopping Cart Design

First and foremost – the shopping cart design should match the website design. Customers should not feel that they reached an unknown territory. Secondly the cart needs to be clearly visible to customers. They should not have to look around to locate it on the website. The icon you select should be easily accessible and interpretable. Users should notice it within 5 seconds. A standard symbol of a trolley always works, but you can be creative about it as long as customer experience expectations are met. Display the details of the product selected in the shopping cart as well. And lastly don’t surprise the customer with any hidden prices. This is the biggest repellent!

Provide Options

Customers just love options. Given the power to choose provides them with the confidence to make that purchase. The general options are provided for payment methods. Another option is to allow them to save the items and purchase them at a later date. Also be sure to provide users an option to buy items without registering. Sometimes creating accounts and remembering them for all the estores they check in to is quite a task. So keep it simple. Check in and check out.

Trust Factor

The very first thought running through a customer’s mind is payment method safety and security of the details they provide to make that payment. Instill trust by selecting the most secure payment providers and make sure you mention it on your site. The most common symbol is the sign of a lock. This assures the customer and urges him to make that payment. Another important aspect is to add customer reviews and testimonials. It creates sense of assurance that other customers are appreciating you products.

Linear Process

Make the checkout process linear and easy to understand. No going back and forth. Also, don’t forget to show the steps involved in advance. It’s also a good idea to show the progress while the customer proceeds from one step to another. Label each step. Do not have customers fill out lengthy forms and details on each page. They should be able to quickly select options and move forward and checkout.

Well, to sum it up, the simpler the process for the customer on your website, the faster your products will sell. You can gain maximum benefits from reviewing each and every element of your eCommerce website and work towards profits and success! More details please send us an email!

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