10 Relations Between Interaction Design and Psychology

TMO GroupMay 14, 2015
10 Relations Between Interaction Design and Psychology

One thing relevant to interaction design is the study of Psychology. It can help designers to understand what are users requirements as well as bring new ideas. This article will give you 10 interesting relations between interaction design and Psychology.

1. Your imagine will not always be exactly what users want to know. What they'd like to see could be based on their personal background, cultural level, familiarity and so on. In that case, never design in designers position. Designers need to pay attention to the value of user research.

2. People usually try to look for regular patterns subconsciously while recognize objects. Even it is irregular, their eyes and brains will try to create them. As a result, no matter outside or inside, the design should follow some rules. It will also help users to use products conveniently and efficiently. Try to guide users and don't let them create their own operation way.

3. Design comes from our lives. Our brains have a certain area where is used to verify faces. So we usually see the direction where are eyes seeing. This rule is widely used is web page design.

eyes direction

4. Do you know that users also judge content quality by its font or design? The core content should be designed properly and put in right position. Otherwise users will not consider you products in terms of the design.

5. People always forget something unconsciously. So design with the lowest standard in terms of memory. And people also need to remember something. So highlight them and let people to remember.

brain design

6. It is estimated that the brain can process 4 billion information per second. But of 40 of them are done consciously. A common mistake that designers often make is to provide too much information at a time.

7. Don't waste your time to change users' deep-rooted ideas. It will run counter to their desire if you try to prove their ideas are unreasonable or illogical. People are always stubborn. As an interaction designer, you should let users unconsciously influenced.

8. Story could be the most natural way in terms of helping users to understand information. Try to make up some vivid stories which are not only for fun, but also easy to understand and remember.

design story

9. Is laziness equals to efficiency? On some level, yes.  Many products with new technologies are invented just because of laziness for example washing machine. So the design of product should consider users habit.

10.Users are usually try to find objective factors.So their first reaction is to find the problem of products not themselves while they get in trouble using products. As a result, you should put in enough emotion and try to consider from users side.

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