Online Shopping Habits For America Buyers

TMO GroupMarch 13, 2015
Online Shopping Habits For America Buyers

With the increasing demand for foreign products, eCommerce market in America is expanding in an amazing speed. Here comes the opportunity and what we need to do is to seize and handle it. In this article we'll talk about the online shopping habits of America buyers. Is the so-called know yourself as well as the enemy.

Basically, American spend 54% of their money on electronic products, 33% on cloths, 27% on car and 23% on decoration. We can find a research from ConsumerReports that if an American win a lottery within 100 thousand dollars, what will they use it? The result said that 10% of them will use it for investment. 29% of them will use it for a down-payment of a new house. 19% of them will decorate their house. 12% of them will go travelling and 11% of them will buy a luxury car.

Money spending for America


America has the world's largest eCommerce market. Meanwhile, America market pay more attention to quality, brands and safety. Furthermore, more and more American choose to shop online. In that case, it is necessary to find a proper way for marketing. Followings are some mainstream online shopping platform that is used frequently in America.

  • Amazon - The biggest
  • eBay - Focus on C2C
  • Newegg - Electronic Products
  • Sears - Department store
  • Best Buy - Offline to Online
  • Walmart - Cheap
  • Staples - Office supplies
  • Neiman Marcus - Luxury goods

eBay did some digging to find out which items states purchased the most, the top 500 brands for each state and then narrowed them down to general categories. Next, eBay figured out what items people purchase the most in all 50 states

ebay research what people buy


Americans like send gifts to friends or kids. To be honest, they prefer toys, outside activities or DIY manual works rather than cloths in terms of kids. And they prefer electronic products for the young man and home furnishing products for the old people.

Compared them with Chinese, they are keen on spirit consumption for example exercise, travelling or nutrition. Quality is the first thing to be considered, followed by packing and price. Packing takes quite a large proportion in their mind.  Make sure that your good products also have a good packing.

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