Improve your conversion rate from WeChat ecommerce like a pro

TMO GroupJuly 14, 2017
Improve your conversion rate from WeChat ecommerce like a pro

Let’s take a look at China's e-commerce ecosystem where we see WeChat’s e-commerce is gaining enormous attention from more and more brands. Many of the brands' public accounts have accumulated a big chunk of internet traffic and have built extremely strong follower bases.

This is due to all their efforts on their WeChat store, by spending much time and energy on the content marketing of their products. However, the overall conversion rate of WeChat store is still fairly low compared to the number of people engaging with these channels.

What prevents WeChat stores from gaining higher traffic numbers? Even though many brands are equipped with Baidu analysis and Google analysis, still, specific user behavior analysis remains out of reach.

Let’s put some things into perspective. In this day and age, you are not only seconds but also a few mobile screen taps away from knowing what was the cause of a highway traffic accident. If only there is a tool to take record of all user clicks, browsing areas, site jumps etc. Rest assured, we have the answers to these questions.

Today, we are here to recommend a tool to help you find the problem, to hopefully help with increasing the conversion rate from WeChat store.

Feature 1: Powerful Basic Web Analysis


WeChat e-commerce

▲User Base Overview

Discover the key fields on your forms where customers are abandoning the checkout or signup process. Learn what fields are taking too long to finish, which fields are being repeated due to errors, and which fields cause the most abandonment. In this feature, you can view statistics and data from online visitors and viewer user traffic in real time. The ‘TAB’ feature makes it easy to know which pages are being accessed the most and which pages are not viewed at all.

Feature 2: Heat Map Releases More Information



▲Click heat map: thicker color represents more clicks

Heat Map types include:

  • Mouse Movement Heat Maps: Since mouse movement is strongly related to eye tracking, you can see how most users actually read your content.
  • Click Heat Maps: See exactly where visitors are clicking the most on your page.
  • Scroll Depth Heat Maps: Are people really reading most of the content on your page or just bouncing? Scroll Depth Heat Map will show you how far most people scroll down on your pages.

The thermal map in this tool visualizes the user's click and browsing behavior. The “warmer”(orange/red) color of the image above represents more user clicks. This feature helps gain a better understanding of what path users are happy with when navigating through your site.

WeChat eCommerce

▲Thicker/warmer color represents more viewed spots by users

Thicker/warmer colors in a heat map of the scroll screen represent the most viewed spots by users. The 50% mark in the figure above means that nearly half of the users are no longer interested in what is below that line. This feature helps to control the length of your pages and check if the most important parts of your web page are in line with the user's browsing habits.

Feature 3: Video records of all user behavior

WeChat eCommerce

▲Hit Play to see the record of all users' pathway

Watch anonymous recordings of visitors navigating and interacting with your site, basically, just like watching a movie. What are my visitors really doing on my website? Well, you will be able to see every mouse movement, click, and scroll which will help you answer this question. It’s possible that user does not even see your call to action button, or maybe it doesn't even work. Uncover a variety of information in seconds with these visitor recordings. When your site uses this tool, your visitor's entire journey on the interface will be logged and recorded. How long did they visit your pages? What links did they click? What did they do on these pages? Have they registered or not? Did the user give up during the payment stage, and why? All these details and more are now within reach.

WeChat eCommerce

▲Demonstration of user path of access

Even with a user's behavior path, you still can't find the way to improve conversion rate? No way!

For now, only WeChat store (that have their own URL) supports this feature. Third parties such as Youzan and mini stores are not equipped with it.

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