How to Make Login Page Reliable? Do as a Psychology Designer

TMO GroupFebruary 28, 2015
How to Make Login Page Reliable? Do as a Psychology Designer

How to reassure users in this era that everyone would like to protect their privacy while register in your website? Not only we need to make the login page visually, but also convinced them.

Imagine that you are in a shop and shop assistants do their best to lead you to buy things. Will you pay or buy them? The more the pressure, the less the sense of trust. Because it force you to make a choice in a hostile environment. The followings are some tips on how to make login page reliable, which you can make use of to improve conversion rate.

Make it clean

Don't show too much information in order to keep visitors on website. Interest come and go quickly. So get rid of the confusing stuff. A trusted login page should make users easy to get what you'd like to show or provide as well as help them to make a decision.

Show its value quickly

Almost everyone who come to your login page may ask a question: what you can benefit them? As a result, you need to show its value as soon as possible. A proper title should be the first thing taken into consideration. And you can also show the difference between you and your competitors. Note that you should focus on how to meet visitors need rather than emphasize you or your company.

Use digital

Use digital in login page, especially some impressive digital can help to improve the sense of trust. For example, "200,000 success stories already happened here, what are you waiting for?"

use digital

 Social media

Share your products in social media could also be a good strategy for online marketing. The number of times a product is shared on social media could be a way that establish trust. You can show how many "Likes" or "Fans" in Facebook or Twitter in order to tell visitor that you are not alone. But if it less, forget it.

social media

Conspicuous contact information

What if you cannot answer all questions from users? Then help them to contact you. Put your contact information in somewhere visible. You can also put your team photos which can let visitors feel there is someone can really help.

Do NOT use marketing language

Generally speaking, people don't like it if someone really want to sell something. Avoid some marketing language such as "Super Value", "The Best" or "Big Promotion". These words won't bring any value. Try to develop the customer loyalty in terms of win their trust. Positioning yourself as an expert. Let users judge for themselves through the results of what you did.

Privacy policy

Be sure to let users know that you will make efforts to protect their privacy. Add privacy policy and terms of services will probably let users trust you more. You also need to promise that you will not send them spam or they can unsubscribe in anytime.


Form optimization

A study from Optimal Energy showed that 81% of visitors will give up registration in the last step. The sign up form could be the most important part for login pages. If they don't trust you, they will leave your site. How to know your form works or not? You can try a tool called "Form Tester", which can show how user interact with your forms.


The login page is a start for user experience. It is important whether we can build a reliable relationship among users. Though it will certainly be a long, painful process, it is worth all the effort once you get satisfactory results.

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