How to Use Images Synthesis Design in eCommerce Website

TMO GroupMay 20, 2015
How to Use Images Synthesis Design in eCommerce Website

When talk about 5 Mistakes in Product Page Design of eCommerce WebsitePoorly designed of product pages can easily kill your concersion. Avoid these 6 design mistakes to keep your eCommerce thriving.eCommerce website product page design, how to use and match images could be one of the most important topic. First let's see some examples:

Synthesis Design example

What do you think of these synthesis design? To be honest, when we have enough aesthetic experience, we can find many issues. However, probably we don't know how to fix them. Let's see some other examples:

Synthesis Design 3 Synthesis Design 2 Synthesis Design 1

When there is a contrast, there is a gap. You are able to find that the designer has his own design idea. Though many of us have many good ideas, but they are just some fragment in our mind and we don't know how to express them as well as where to start. Today let's see together how to make good use of images synthesis design in eCommerce website.

1. Perspective

Perspective is the basis for the synthesis just like he laws of physics in real world. It's difficult to believe an unreasonable perspective design. So give yourself a good perspective training about the principle of perspective and how to use it.

2. Light

After we know how to use perspective, we need to fix shadow, silhouette light, reflection, high light, solid color and so on. Color selection should match our subject first rather than depends on our luck experiments.

3. Font

Posters basically more or less have a few words on them. So what is a good font? Font style should be matched with not only products and audience, but also contents. We need to find fonts according to requirements.

4. Layout

Layout means how to show and where to put our products. Normally there are some common methods. For example Symmetric, piling, winding, permutations, shielding, parcels, etc.

5. Retouching

When photography didn't shoot well, we need to fix it. But before retouching we need to have a clear thinking. And it also related to perspective and light.

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