Five Awesome Features Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) Can Bring to Your eCommerce Customers

TMO GroupJuly 5, 2016
Five Awesome Features Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) Can Bring to Your eCommerce Customers

The eCommerce world changes every day, so as an eCommerce retailer you need to have your fingers on the pulse to stay competitive. In this digital-massive era, which eCommerce platform should I choose to build up my business online?

Thinking of choosing Adobe Commerce (Magento) for your eCommerce project? Check out our 2024 Buyer's Guide covering costs, alternatives, and use cases!

Starting in 2016, a lot of business choose Adobe Commerce (back then known as Magento 2) to develop their eCommerce, since it features improved performance and scalability, better security, and a faster time to market. Adobe Commerce is a feature-rich eCommerce platform solution, and today we will reveal 5 shinning features (with GIFs) that Adobe Commerce can bring to your eCommerce customers:

China Magento 2 eCommerce development

Let's start this GIF party with a GIF...

1. Product Option Improvement

Your customer can view different options of your product on "product overview" page, without clicking into "product detail" page (as shown below).

china magento 2 ecommerce development

This feature will certainly save time for users and improve their user experience.

2. One-click Adding to Shopping Cart

To follow up with No.1, user can directly add stuff to their shopping cart with simply one click on "product overview" page.

china magento 2 ecommerce development

This will help user because clicking into "product detail" page means more time & data spent on another page loading. This feature will do its job with fewer clicks and less time.

3. 2-step Checkout

How many steps should your checkout process have?

We believe that every click can be regarded a "threat" to your eCommerce business, since every click offers visitors another chance to abandon the process. Thus, checkout process should have as few steps as possible.

Meet our 2-step checkout solution, which will make your checkout process faster and simpler.

china magento 2 ecommerce development

The awesome thing here is: It does not require the full page to load when processing checkout, just change the content dynamically. These will decrease your abandonment rates to increase conversion rates of your products.

4. Product Comparison

This feature could be really interesting: In "product overview" page, mouse over to any product and you will see the "compare" button on the lower right.

Basically, Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) allows user to compare products in one page, as seen below:china magento 2 ecommerce development

This is actually not a gif...

This will be very handy for customers when they are not sure which item to get and try to compare with one another. User do not have to open multiple web pages and switch over, now one page does it all.

5. Pop-up Modal Extension

The four features mentioned above are Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) default functions. Here is a helpful extension we developed: the pop-up modal extension.

As shown below, the Adobe Commerce modal widget implements a secondary window that opens on top of the main window. It contains the overlay and modal content, which does not require user to open a brand new page. This will improve the whole site's efficiency on placing orders.

China magento 2 ecommerce development

Dear eCommerce Retailers: What Feature Do You Want?

For Adobe Commerce (Magento 2), extensions can really highlight your products and enable fast and affordable enhancements to your store.

TMO Group have already developed a lot production ready extensions for Adobe Commerce, and some of them will specifically fit right in China market, i.e. WeChat and WeChat payment integrations.

We will reveal more Adobe Commerce extensions in our following articles, meanwhile contact us and let us know what would your ideal Magento 2 extensions and see how we can help.

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