Double-Eleven Sales Data: Makeup & Health Supplements

TMO GroupDecember 8, 2020
Double-Eleven Sales Data: Makeup & Health Supplements

Double-Eleven (or Singles Day) on November 11th is the world's biggest sales festival, and we've gathered Double-Eleven sales data from the entire month to break down for you in our China Health Supplements and Makeup Data Packs. Below we've included a sneak peak from what you can expect from each.

Double-Eleven Sales Data: Health Supplements

Overall, sales on 11-11 were significantly lower than in 2019. However, this statistic by itself is misleading. In fact, sales during November were higher in 2020 than the previous year. This is likely a result of brands moving from treating 11-11 as a single sales day to spreading their discounts and promotions out throughout the month, creating a more relaxed and less frantic sales period. In fact FanCL, one of our newly featured brands, in fact saw its November 2020 sales peak on the 16th, showing that sales success is possible with a strategy focused away from the main event on the 11th.

On the topic of brand performance, iSDG (featured in June’s data pack) saw its sales drop from last year's 11-11 sales to closer to its June 2020 sales figures. Doppelherz, the other brand we featured in June but not this month, saw only a minor increase compared to 2019.

double-eleven sales data

Two of the fastest growing products of the month also cracked the top five in total sales. These were Swisse’s High Strength Cranberry extract, and Princess Luna’s Vaginal Probiotic. Both represent new product categories for the top five,  but this month it is NAD+ anti-aging products that were the real winners, with three of the top five belonging to that category. The usual mainstay categories from the past four months - Calcium and Vitamin D supplements - did not make an appearance.

Double-Eleven Sales Data: Makeup

November 2020 marked another triumphant display from domestic makeup brands. Well-established local players like Carslan and newcomers fresh off their meteoric rise like Perfect Diary once again boasted high sales volume during this period. In fact, Chinese brands as a whole sold almost ten times as much as the next country (South Korea).

double-eleven sales data

Among the product characteristics that proved most popular this year was the evergreen Enhance Complexion. Practicality was also a big going concern, with Long-lastingNot easy to discolor, and Waterproof all commanding strong sales performances.

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We publish our China Health Supplements Data Pack monthly. It contains that industry's sales data from the previous month. For Makeup, we publish data packs for special sales periods like 6-18 and 11-11. To browse our full range of data packs, click here.

For a broader, more in-depth look at each industry, check out our free Industry Reports on both the Health Supplements and Cosmetics markets in China!

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