Do Not Sacrifice the Whole UX Just for a Small Function

TMO GroupJuly 30, 2015
Do Not Sacrifice the Whole UX Just for a Small Function

The core of user experience is not a pile of functions. Actually, it based on the product itself. Just like people choose Uber because it can call a taxi in anytime and anywhere. Although it has some other additional functions for example the countdown function, it can not exist independently. Normally, functions can not be separated from products. That's why designers should consider the product first rather than functions.

Find the core user experience of products

The core user experience is the main thing for products to survive. It also depends on the requirement. If there is no requirement, the product will be no meaning. Sometimes we're not sure the problem which we solved could meet customers' need. In that case we have to think from users' perspective.

For example, if we would like to increase sales of burger. We can make it bigger, add more tastes, or reduce prices. Actually, these solutions don't make sense. And when they found that the reason why people buy burgers is that they would like to have a fast meal. As a result, after we change a simple package, the sale is improved.

Start from products

Start from products can help us to think of all functions that we need. Remember these three golden points: why we do, what is the requirement and how we do .

product thinking

Find appropriate solutions

When the solution is suitable for the issue, the product will be perfect. Although interactive design and visual design are able to make the product beautiful, easy to use or stand out from the competition. It can not give a meaning. The decisive factor of success it whether we can find appropriate solutions for issues.

Understand the power of thinking

The power of thinking means we need to consider for specific requirements. It can help user experience designers to ask proper questions and contact with developers efficiently. And they should keep the following three questions in mind: Is it suitable for the product? Which issue will it solve? Are people WANT it or NEED it?

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