Did You Know: Chinese ID Needed When Shopping on Cross Border eCommerce in China

TMO GroupJuly 15, 2016
Did You Know: Chinese ID Needed When Shopping on Cross Border eCommerce in China

If you own a cross border eCommerce in China right now, your customer in China need one extra step when they place orders on your site. Starting earlier this year, China eCommerce shoppers are requested to validate their Chinese ID when shopping on cross border eCommerce sites. More exactly, they must use real name, 18-digit Chinese ID number, and the image of their ID cards to complete the checkout.


New Cross Border eCommerce Policy in China

This is based on the Customs Law of China, Section 22. It implies that one should always provide with the application form, with their valid Chinese ID and other proof when purchasing goods overseas.

Since the new policy came to effect, there will be one more procedure during the checkout. Customers need to upload their Chinese ID information to the eCommerce platform. During the custom clearance process, the eCommerce platform will send the ID info to China Customs. After receiving the ID info, Customs Clearance will be finished much easier on the custom sides.

cross border eCommerce China Chinese ID validation

Chinese ID validation interface from Fengqu.com, one cross border eCommerce platform in China


What should retailers do?

Even it is a must-do for any cross border eCommerce business in China, there is no need to worry. If you are using Magento (known as Adobe Commerce since 2021), or about to use Magento as your eCommerce platform, here is a “Chinese ID validation” extension we developed to solve the problem.

Seen the screenshot above, we have added “customer identification in checkout” section in the back-end. Simply choose “Chinese ID”, your cross border eCommerce site will be fully equipped.

cross border eCommerce China Chinese ID validation

Moreover, the extension will also help validate the ID number as well. What we did is we synchronized the Chinese ID database, so it will also verify the Chinese ID before going to another page. With the help of this Magento Extension, you don’t need to fix the whole site. Adding this extension to your Magento (Adobe Commerce) store will both finish the task, and save you a lot of time.

cross border eCommerce China Chinese ID validation


If you are using Magento (Adobe Commerce) platform or you hope to use Magento platform for your cross border eCommerce in China, feel free to contact us about more Magento Extensions development!


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